How to Meditate

Gain Focus and Serenity with Simple-to-Follow Techniques Shown in More Than 350 Photographs

How to Meditate


Auteur: Doriel Hall

Uitgever: Anness Publishing

  • Engelstalig
  • 96 pagina's
  • 9781844767502
  • september 2010
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This is the perfect practical guide to inner wisdom - both for those with some experience of meditation and those who are just starting out on the spiritual path, filled with simple but inspiring ideas for meditation that can be readily adapted to personal needs. It reveals techniques to help you live in the moment, love your life, and open yourself up freely to the people around you. It explains concepts such as visualization in a clear yet creative way. Beautifully photographed step-by-step sequences include breathing practices and specially devised exercises for preparing the mind and body. This volume provides a lively, accessible overview of meditative practices used the world over. Many classic meditative ideas are explained, from the energy centres known as chakras to the power of chanting. The book challenges you to explore why you want to meditate and explains how it enhances wellbeing. Using familiar techniques such as yogic stretching and controlled breathing, discover how to prepare yourself physically and mentally. Clearly written and illustrated with evocative photographs, this is the perfect title to draw in those with even the slightest passing interest. Equally, it will give anyone with existing knowledge of this subject some fascinating new insights.


Auteur Doriel Hall
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 7x297x228 mm
Gewicht 503,00 gram
Verschijningsdatum september 2010
Druk 1
ISBN10 1844767507
ISBN13 9781844767502

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