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How to Restore the Greek Economy

Win 10 Million Dollar to Prove It Wrong

  • Engelstalig
  • 106 pagina's
  • 9781496997890
  • december 2014
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This book is specially meant to change the world order by removing poverty, debts of the state by collecting much more revenue than the annual budget without taxes within the shortest period of time of thirty days, reduce inflation, create industrial revolution, reduce the cost of living by at least half, start of interest free banking, kick start of ailing economics, end of terrorism, eradication of drug abuse and improvement in the law and order situation. This seems to be an illusion but this has been proved mathematically and economically in the book and is based on hard facts which are incentive based and are acceptable to human nature. Tax and interest are two worst enemies of mankind causing all these problems which every country is facing. By removing these two evils once can achieve all the above benefits within no time and this is the main object of the book. A new and innovative methodology has been applied theoretically on Greece in this book with astonishing results proving all the above points beyond any doubt. A reward of one million dollar is being offered who can disprove these facts. With the result that even the poorest stat will become self sufficient without foreign aid then naturally the role of IMF, World Bank and all the other lending agencies will come to an abrupt end hence it will not be an exaggeration to say that IMF has been hanged. One has to read this book to find out the real truth as it is going to become the economic revolution of the century based on incentive principles to suit the human nature and this will change the economic system of the world which depends upon interest and taxes which are against the human nature. In the last fifty years no advancement has been made in the field of economics although every year there are thousands of PhD's awarded and there is at least one noble prize winner in this field. None of their work has ever helped or eased the sufferings of mankind which in fact are the creation of the so called economic wizards. All the great economics of supper powers are under greatest threats of recession today and they hire the top economists of the world whose job is to solve these problems but with their backward and out of date knowledge confuse these states by juggling the figure of three rates; Inflation rate, Interest rate and the Exchange rate. In fact all these economic giants should rethink and open their minds to the changing world order and think of practical economics which will help the nations and stop projecting theories which have no values to help anybody in the world.


Dr. Niaz Ahmed Khan F.R.C.S., Phd. Phd.
6x203x127 mm
122,00 gram
december 2014

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