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Auteur: Stuart Kamille
Taal: Engels
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''How to Sell Your Idea'' presents a complete step by step guide to developing and selling your idea. It will help you move from the initial concept all the way to a completed sale. Wouldn't you like to avoid the painful and frustrating 'trial and error' missteps and mistakes that defeat most hopeful entrepreneurs and inventors?

Why not learn from someone who has successfully done it time and time again? This version is newly updated in 2017 and reflects the latest changes to US Patent Law and including an overview of how to use a provisional patent application which can save you thousands of dollars of expense.

Learn the ropes from a successful inventor/ new product development specialist, who spent 30 years developing and selling new products for such well known multinational companies as McDonalds, RJR, Ralphs Food Stores, Nabisco, Taco Bell, the Clorox Company and others, Here he shares the secrets to developing, protecting and selling products. He knows what he's talking about since he has done it many times for such well known products as Clorox 2, Formula 409, Kingsford Charcoal, Hidden Valley Ranch, and many others, He holds 8 US and foreign patents dealing with data analysis, scoring, probability, product scanning and identification of important data. He has licensed products to major companies and much of his products are in constant use.

''How to Sell Your Idea'' deals with developing your idea, evaluating its potential, protecting the idea as you try to sell it, presenting it for sale, and getting a fair deal for yourself and your customer. It's like a course in inventing for first time inventors. In short it prepares you to sell your idea and benefit from it. Isn't that exactly what you would like to do with your idea?

Here's what people in the field have to say:

''A complete course in inventing between the covers of a book.''-M Mallie-patent attorney

''A fun read and valuable insight into the invention business'' -E. Goggio successful inventor /venture capitalist

''Finally a practical perspective on inventing timing them wit the market and leveraging on each and everyone.'' -G. Markham

Ph. D Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

''Clearly, the author of this book has 'been there'. He's lived the life of the entrepreneur/inventor and survived intact to tell all.''

-M. Phelps, venture capitalist and industry analyst.

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november 2017
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Stuart Kamille
Smashwords Edition

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