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How to Work with People... and Enjoy It!
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Uitgever: Routledge
  • Engels
  • 9780429879814
  • maart 2019
  • E-book
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How to Work with People… and Enjoy It! is an invaluable, accessible, practical handbook for anyone who works with people. It includes pointers for reflection, tools for experimentation, models for analysing relational dynamics, and tables and diagrams to stimulate discovery and development.

Leadership and relationship start with us as individuals - the stories we tell ourselves, about the world and our place in it - and this book takes us on a journey from the inside out. Jenny Bird and Sarah Gornall challenge us to explore our own part in all our interactions - smooth and rough - and offer us ways to change our story, our interactions and our outcomes.

New and original models suggest ways to minimise interference and maximise potential, improve results - and enjoy both work and all our interactions with others more.

How to Work with People… and Enjoy It! is written by two highly experienced international coaches, and their wisdom and humour shine through on every page. Illustrated and informative, it is a key handbook for leaders and managers, HR and Learning and Development professionals, mentors and coaches. Highly accessible, with numerous case studies and experiments, it is also an invaluable resource for anyone who is not totally satisfied with the way they work, communicate and interact with others.


People are the life blood of any business. Whether you are an experienced leader or new to managing people, this book will help you to bring out the best in your team. - Chris Hill, CEO, Hargreaves Lansdown Humans are funny and warm and fascinating and the key to the success of any organisation. They are also super expensive, emotionally challenging and utterly mercurial! This book enables you to get the very best out of every single person in your company, trust or business. Results: you enjoy your job more, they are more productive and most of all, everyone is happier. No mean feat! - Sarah Gillett, CEO, ACE Multi Academy Trust This book is invaluable. It will help you empower yourself and the people you work with. It is packed full of wise advice for managers and clear calls to action. - Cate McLaurin, Head of Delivery, London Borough of Hackney An effective personal transformation journey needs an insightful guide: this is it. - Priyesh Khanna, Managing Director, International Bank In an era of technology first, this book gives us the tools and approaches to have better relationships with people. A collection of some of the best management/leadership/communication models, brought up to date with a new twist; it's a must read for the 21st century. - Barum Jeffries Head of Learning & Organisational Development, Harnham The personality of the authors shine through these pages as they expose the reader to the world of international executive coaching and, along the way, give us glimpses of their own humanity and vulnerability. The book is an easy read, full of real-life experiences - written with light humour and a playful touch. - Jo Birch, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Executive Coach and Supervisor



maart 2019


Jenny Bird Sarah Gornall
Sarah Gornall

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