How Will Capitalism End? Essays on a Failing System

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Wolfgang Streeck

Wolfgang Streeck (German: [ʃtʀeːk]; born 27 October 1946 in Lengerich) is a German economic sociologist and emeritus director of the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne.

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The provocative political thinker asks if it will be with a bang or a whimper

In How Will Capitalism End? the acclaimed analyst of contemporary politics and economics Wolfgang Streeck argues that capitalism is now in a critical condition. Growth is giving way to secular stagnation; inequality is leading to instability; and confidence in the capitalist money economy has all but evaporated. Capitalism's shotgun marriage with democracy since 1945 is breaking up as the regulatory institutions restraining its advance have collapsed, and after the final victory of capitalism over its enemies no political agency capable of rebuilding them is in sight. The capitalist system is stricken with at least five worsening disorders for which no cure is at hand: declining growth, oligarchy, starvation of the public sphere, corruption and international anarchy.

In this arresting book Wolfgang Streeck asks whether we are witnessing a long and painful period of cumulative decay: of intensifying frictions, of fragility and uncertainty, and of a steady succession of "normal accidents."


At the heart our era's deepening crisis there lies a touching faith that capitalism, free markets and democracy go hand in hand. Wolfgang Streeck's new book deconstructs this myth, exposing the deeply illiberal, irrational, anti-humanist tendencies of contemporary capitalism. Yanis Varoufakis Neoliberalism continues to delimit political choice across the globe yet it is clear that the doctrine is in severe crisis. In Wolfgang Streeck's powerful new book How Will Capitalism End? Streeck demonstrates that the maladies afflicting the world - from secular stagnation to rising violent instability - herald not just the decline of neoliberalism, but what may prove to be the terminal phase of global capitalism. Paul Mason Streeck writes devastatingly and cogently ... How Will Capitalism End? provides not so much a ... forecast as a warning. - Martin Wolf, Financial Times As the economic gloom deepens to the pitch black night of geopolitical crisis, in the economics departments of the world there can still be heard the confident chuckle: but capitalism always survives . Wolfgang Streeck's book How Will Capitalism End? An extended riff on the possibility of the mainstream economists being wrong. Streeck synthesises the various strands of left crisis theory into a convincing proposal - Paul Mason, Guardian Books of the Year 2016 How Will Capitalism End? offers a powerful prognosis that predicts that the system will suffer a lingering death rather than go out with a bang...there are so many startling formulations of great analytic power in this book that it merits wide circulation in these troubled times. - Morning Star The most interesting person around today on the subject of the relationship between democracy and capitalism - Christopher Bickerton, University of Cambridge Democratic capitalism is in bad shape. The crisis of 2007-09 and subsequent election of Donald Trump demonstrate that. In this book, German sociologist Streeck argues that capitalism is doomed, as many have before. But he does not believe it will be replaced by something better. Instead a new Dark Ages lies ahead. - Financial Times [Best Economics Books 2016] The most interesting person on the most urgent subject of our times - Aditya Chakrabortty, Guardian This collection will be at the centre of social research for years to come - Times Higher Education [Books of 2016] Streeck has become one of Europe's most sophisticated and pessimistic left-wing Euroskeptics...[his] criticism of the eurozone is powerful. - Jamie Martin, Bookworm Not one to embrace the 'voluntaristic illusions' of 'we the people,' Streeck sees such fantasies as part of a deeper structural crisis...Neoliberalism, in fragmenting workers and consumers into desperately precarious personal brands, has made mass organization effectively impossible, while traditional political channels have been systematically choked off. Capitalism, therefore, won't be overthrown. It will kill itself through its own power to overcome the restraints that bind it. - Greg Afinogenov, n+1



november 2017
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Wolfgang Streeck
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