I-Vine Spheres
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  • januari 2013
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In the beginning of creation, the world was built on the foundation of The Divine Law of Maat/Kongo, as known by The Great Nile Valley Civilization. This Divine Law gave birth to everything we have today . ''I-Vine Spheres'' is a book that can help children and adults alike to begin to explore the accurate science of Creation and the complex anatomy of the Whole Spirit (Hidden Life Force/Energy/Vibes). 'I' relates to the Self (Source/Indwelling Divinity/Omnipresent/One Being/Conscience/World Soul/InI). The 'Vine' refers to the interconnection, inter-relation and inter-dependance of all things as fixed by nature within the beautiful cultivation of The I-Vine Spheres of Life. Many religions tell us we are like (made in the image of) The Almighty, but fail to fully explain/simplify what these likenesses are. This Book will show you and your children the 11 aspects of Being which are 'God/Christ like'. This book will outline a simple version of the I-Vine Spheres of Life; Paut Neteru (Cake of the Gods); Enead. The colors given to each sphere are the actual colors relating to that aspect of being or faculty of the spirit. Your children will be able to enrich and spark their inner Self, and gain connection of colors in the mind. Their are activities in this book, and your child will intuitively share with you the colors or activities they favor mostly, and allow you to learn more of your children. The Spirit is a body of Laws governing both the seen (its denser form) and unseen (less dense forms) phenomena. This I-Vine Spheres book will outline the main 11 Laws of the Spirit, and also provide a solid knowledge base and substantial food for the growth/development of impressionable minds. As well as minds that need substantial food to be successful holistically. Throughout all history and time, Afrikan people have used this reality to develop rites of passages (to know self), governments and technology. Principles, morals and astrologicial/cosmic knowledge is transferred via story telling in The Afrikan oral, visual and written traditions. This is the very foundation of the laws/institutes that continue to govern civil societies to this day. In the same way the well known '42 declarations of Maat' were practical expressions/statements/affirmations derived from the 11 main laws of our Being. We could now do better with exemplifying and teaching Divine Law/I-Vine Law, for the redemption and salvation of all people. It proven difficult for soldiers, linguistics and museum curators to explain ancient teachings/concepts of the Kamau (Ancient Egyptian) Sages, Fari (Pharaohs'), Priests, astrologers and prophets. It has been difficult for them to know what the sacred scriptures meant to the great ancient authors of the Afrikan Tradition. Misinterpretation and poor understandings come from numerous invasions, looting and the deliberate destruction of monuments. This book is corrective of such errors in interpretations about the meanings of the sacred sciences of the Whole Spirit/Vibes/Hidden Life Force. This book was inspired by a Rastafari/reggae song called '11 Laws of Maat' recorded by the author under the name Blessed Barak*. Therefore this book has strong elements of Xaymacan (Jamaica) patious and the author has thoughtfully included a dictionary in the book for those who are not so familiar with it. He is quite proud to be able to give a patious reading book to the many children of the Afrikan diaspora who have been carried beyond. Also, due to the globalisation of the Rastafari way of Life, many people of other cultures can enjoy hearing and reading the patious and Rastafari Language. *A complimentary free audio download of the song is available by e-mailing info@lionsdenfam.org (offer ends Feb 2013)



januari 2013
Aantal pagina's
40 pagina's
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Hon. Binghi Congo-Nyah



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