Ignorance Is the Bliss
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  • december 2010
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In is story I had to look in the dictionary to see what bliss meant, the dictionary says it mean; supreme happiness, or the joy of heaven, or the cause of great joy. We all know what ignorance means, now for it to be use together, what was someone were trying to say. Me myself it sound like the Kane and Abel concept, where that one of the son was able to progress easy and the father understood what he was trying to do, and the other son raise a lot of Kane, stay angry because they did not have the patience to take their time to do anything right, one mind was in peace with their self for being able to understand the things that they are doing, so we can call that one a understanding and respectful bliss, now the other mind that was angry all the time for not having patience took the weaker road, it was more easier for him to create trouble and scheme than to take his time and do it right, and that became his bliss to make his self comfortable with himself being wrong.Two types of bliss are with two different lifestyles that approach life in a way that was more understandable for them both. I will be talking about a lot of things that I have seen or heard as well as experience during my life time, and you will see the thing that I am revealing which have been done in the past that have program some of us to function the same way in the future, which we never grow out of maybe because we was not taught how to change from one level to another level. You will see people that hold a life time grudge for something that happen when they was a young person and talk about it like it happen yesterday. But now at fifty years old and over they still talk about wanting revenge over something that was so small that they should had paid no mind to it and went on with their life. Some of these grudges are things that are a part of growing up, the things that one experience in their life from making mistakes by picking the wrong people to hang with. Then you will have some people blame their parents for not being able to have the same benefits that the other kids had when they was young, and at fifty years old and over they still bring it up to their parents like it was yesterday for not taking care of them more better.



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