Immortality - Beyond the Veil Beyond the Veil

Immortality - Beyond the Veil
Auteur: S Moore Whelan
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781484187906
  • januari 2012
  • 236 pagina's
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This book addresses the split between spirituality and religion. It follows Psychic Phenomena, peers into both formal and informal religions, science and lies at the crossroads where the author brings you on a voyage of a personal spiritual quest and self-realization.Despite the large variations of belief, method, doctrine and experience which assists the reader from the beginning the author outlines it must be clearly understood that mysticism is distinct from religion and yet; is deeply religious. The prime objective of the author is to illuminate how culture has continually developed and enriched down through the ages. From the beginning of time human consciousness has expanded, improved and grown. As our subconscious awareness has grown the ancient and somewhat cryptic symbolism have, fold upon fold, released the truth and beliefs of our ancestors.Modern mortality builds on this residue and has learned from it. Today, the time has come when the many ancient religions and truths from which they contained must take note of human changed circumstances. While some seekers in our modern era still look back to the past for inspiration they must combine contemporary facts and knowledge of both.Knowledge today is transparent and should be shared and spread with a logical mindset. The failure of the historical elements to withstand modern scientific examination simply can not be ignored.Most religions today practice a belief that the Divine is separate an external to everything in the Universe. This form of religion worships externally where in mysticism the view is held that the Divine is internally linked to every living creature in the Universe. Mystics worship entirely an internal journey with knowledge of a higher self. This brings peace, comfort and solace to the individual worshiper.In Science, mysticism and spiritualism including paranormal phenomena were regarded as archaic and riddled with superstition. Today, this is changing before our very eyes. Science has more respect and pay more attention to the factual rather than the fictional. Based on proven factual evidence, Science can no longer escape the ongoing debate of paranormal activity, UFO's and a plethora of evidence an example; the USA Government's own experiment with time travel, The Montauk Project. The author presents facts backed up with references in a sensible and compelling treasure trove of wisdom in which she gives the reader a modern, informed evaluation of our ultimate question - "Immortality Beyond the Veil" Who should read this book? Anyone who wants to research this question with factual evidence and an extensive reference section which enables you to look up your own areas of interest on every humans mind no matter where your present beliefs lie. An eye-opening book



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236 pagina's



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