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In the Beginning There Was X

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  • 9781845491215
  • augustus 2006
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In the beginning there was X, and in the end, there will be X again. In other words, life started with women, and, most probably, it will end with women. The appearance of man, was it a fluke or a necessity? What will make him disappear, an accident or the dire consequences of the historically inevitable behavior of men and women? The last man on earth lives, some 125000 years from now, loves and hates, hopes and despairs, looking for the answers in the history of human relationships since the dawn of time, and finally dies, in a world of women only. Before he dies, he imagines a male world, full of violence and revenge, which in the end self-destructs. The dull, dreary existence that used to be life in the all-female world goes on and on, until ultimate security, and the ensuing boredom, snuffles out the last traces of the human race. The message Rivalry between men and women has been going on since time immemorial. Now, things seem to be changing. The two sexes exchange roles, male aggressiveness is outdated, female passivity also. Are the two getting closer? A closer look shows that actually they are drifting further apart. Women are as competitive as men, and men are peeling their various faces off, one by one, they remain finally faceless. Instead of staying together and keeping in mind that both are needed for the miracle of life, they are heading for a monosexual world, the world of women. This extreme world of one sex only is not viable; either boredom in the case of women, or hunger for ultimate power in the case of men, lead to the extinction of the human race. Is this what we wish to bequeath to our descendants?


Catherine Pavlou
Oorspronkelijke titel
In the Beginning There Was "X"
10x216x140 mm
236,00 gram
augustus 2006

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