Indian Dreams Come True

Indian Dreams Come True
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  • Paperback
  • 9781502985170
  • Druk: 2
  • oktober 2014
  • 74 pagina's
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Kulwant is a girl who was born and reared in the Punjab, India. From being a young child, she has a recurring dream about the man that she will one day marry in the Sikh tradition. She is an only child and has a very happy upbringing until tragedy strikes the family and her father loses a leg in a landmine explosion. From there it is downhill for the family. Experience the trials and tribulations as Kulwant grows up into a beautiful woman and searches for the man of her dreams.She attracts suitors from all over India and after eventually reducing her offers of marriage to four, she sets the suitors a task and choses her husband as a result. One suitor is the most handsome man in the whole of India, the second suitor is the wealthiest and the third suitor is the most intelligent man in India. The fourth suitor is Hal; a poor,blind and uneducated beggar whose looks have been spoiled by a lifetime of poverty and simply trying to survive from one day to the next.Indian Dreams come true will appeal to any child over 8 years of age and any adult reader. Being set in the Punjab, it offers a taste to westerners of Indian traditions. I hope that it offers hope to all who wish to one day marry the man or woman of their dreams.Live in hope and hope shall live in you. Give your love freely and unconditionally and you will receive love in return. When you acknowledge your areas of ignorance, wisdom is your reward. Admit your wrongs at the earliest opportunity, try to correct them and you will feel right with the world. Confront your darkest fears, and courage will be your greatest strength. Strive for tolerance, understanding and acceptance of all strangers and new neighbours, and your heart will beat in the four corners of the earth. Learn to walk in the shoes of another and you will never walk alone.It pleases me enormously that after writing this story and getting it published in the year 2000, that I received a telephone communication from Nelson Mandela who had been given a copy of the book by ‘number 10.’ Mr Mandela had read my Indian, African and Jamaican stories and described them all as being,‘ Wonderful.’I extend my appreciation to the artist, the late Mary Jackson from Dewsbury for her painting of the cover for this book. The painting was completed by Mary during her final year of life and at a time when she was going blind. She described her painting for the cover of this book as ‘an act of love.’ God bless you, Mary.



oktober 2014
22,9 x 15,2 x 0,4 cm
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74 pagina's
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3 - 5 jaar



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