Information Intelligence Resources for Students and Professionals

Information Intelligence
Auteur: S a Kader
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  • 9781511808361
  • april 2015
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In the universe, everything is logically connected and scientifically interconnected as per scientific and philosophic truths and perspectives. Without a proper reason, even a drop of an ocean will never form. There is a reason for raining, blooming, and even smiling. In the same manner, there is a strong reason for me to have written this book as I severely suffered from misguidance during my teenage and youth.During my school and college days, I was never informed and guided by anyone for either educational or personal development. If there were a good guidance in my early life, there would be several achievements in my youth. As a student, there was no well wisher or no guidance for me from anywhere. Consequently, I made several mistakes and blunders that made me a college dropout.As a drop out, I worked as a waiter in restaurants for more than ten years. During that time, one day I realized that I could become a writer and researcher on creativity and intelligence because my personal experience and instinct taught me that I have natural caliber in creativity and intelligence. So, I did everything to continue my study in order to do research on creativity and intelligence and to become a writer, when working in restaurants. But, it took a lot of time to reach my goal due to lack of proper guidance and fund. After a long time, I have finally become as a waiter-turned-writer.Therefore, to make everyone free from misguidance, I have written this self-reference guide for students and professionals, which informs a number of best websites with proper guidance for all sorts of developments and guidance so that it can be used by any person in the world. Through this self-help guidance, you can be self-guided correctly in order to fulfill your dreams and goals without misguidance.



april 2015
Aantal pagina's
234 pagina's



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