Inspirations of the Heart 18 ? Man Up! Man Up!

Inspirations of the Heart 18 ? Man Up!
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  • 9781517036973
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  • september 2015
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Inspirations of the Heart 18, is sub titled Man Up! The theory behind this is that God is so willing to change the direction of guys to bring them into the place of becoming men.So, is this book just for men? No, not at all, it is good reading for women as well. you see, the concepts of change effects everyone, and many of the things that men need to do, so do a lot of women, see this is effective because we are people, and we are blinded by the darkness of the curses of the devil. God never cursed the human race, the human race cursed the human race.There is a spiritual war going on, and we the human race is losing big time. So today, the woman thinks she is the man, and the man thinks that he is the woman, that is not of God, it is okay, for the household positions to change being that most women today bring in more money than men, but that does not change the corridors of effectiveness when it comes down to the principles of God and the Kingdom of God.When the Bible says to be submissive to one another, it actually means to respect and honor one another. Obedience is based on the will of God to mankind, and that unto each other, God is love, are we then loving? If not, are we out of the will of God?The open will of God is based on first our love for God, this is first because God first loves us, not according to conditions or morals, but simply because we are his.Second, the open will of God is that we teach one another how to be better at being each other,Third, the open will of God is based on the fact that men are to be the General of their family, not from the back, giving orders, but like the Generals in the scriptures that were on the front lines fighting for what was right.And lastly, the open will of God is about our ability to come full circle in Christ the Lord, but this is our choice, by choosing this, we get our lives in order with his help, and we are never left alone at any given time.



september 2015
Aantal pagina's
46 pagina's



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