Inspirations of the Heart Volume 30 From a Heart of Love

Inspirations of the Heart Volume 30
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  • 9781539979654
  • november 2016
  • 130 pagina's
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Inspirations of the Heart is a work that has taken me from ready to go into the Grave, to ready to take the Nation and pull down the Kingdom of see, many of you will never know what others are dealing with, even in these words locked inside of these pages, the full revelation is not revealed.Truth, is the evidence that breaks the yokes of bondage that corrupts us and our well being. Life on the general terms and conditions are focuses in on the reality factors of do we really have this love thing going on within our lives.Inspirations of the Heart is sub-titled, from a heart of Love, now listen, this for me did not come over night, yes, I was born into this love thing, I was raised in this love thing, then life hit again, and again, and again, and I found myself at the gates of hell like three different times. and I know you say things like, if this is true, why should I care? maybe because, If the Lord kept me from this, couldn't He do the same for you?There are many misconceptions in life, and no this book does not reveal all of the answers, but it does reflect on a few. Life is like a very special gift, and once it is gone, it is gone, the Bible tells us that we should never trust our Heart, which means the heart of flesh, which also mean the heart of corruption, but seek the Lord with your whole heart, which is your spiritual heart, see, you have heard and used the comment; I KNOW THAT BY HEART, that is the spiritual heart, and this is what makes this writing so unique.Many preachers are teaching that the Lord God is not talking to us in the this day and time, I fail to agree with that, God in the form of Jesus Christ, if your Heart is submitted to Him and the Kingdom of God, then Christ the Lord, or the Spirit of Christ, lives on the inside of our heart, again, this is the Spiritual Heart, this is the place where all forms of corruption or Faith is built and maintained, so then, as the heart believes, the mouth speaks, that is based on what you listen to, what is poured into your thinking, is then applied as faith, and that faith is then applied as the fullness to what you think, and how you think on a number of issues including how you pick friends, and spouses.inspirations of the Heart is about fulfilling the destiny of God in our lives, not through direct teachings of the scriptures, but indirectly in how we then apply life to our everyday situations.



november 2016
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130 pagina's



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