Inspirations of the Heart Volume 32 There's Power in That Name Revised Edition

Inspirations of the Heart Volume 32
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781545361801
  • april 2017
  • 72 pagina's
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What is the Kingdom of God concerning me and my life? Good question, however, it takes a month of constant teaching to reveal the full truth of it all. Inspirations of the heart Volume 32 is one of those books that reveals the stories about Jesus Christ and why He was chosen to come to the earth, it also gets in on a little bit of why we still reject him to this day.If the truth be told, and I am going to tell as long as I have the breath to do it, the truth about Jesus Christ is so right in front of us each and every single day, I just cannot understand how any of us could miss that kind of truth, I mean, think about it, the earth weighs more than any machine that man has made to lift, the sun is so hot, that if the earth were to move one mile closer towards it, all the life on the earth would die. There are hundreds of trillions of planets and such in the thousands of universes and galaxies, that are all around us all of the time, and never once has one of these planets or moons or such has taken out the earth in over a hundred million see trees that re-bloom, flowers that grow on their own, you see the sick get well, and all of the rest of what is going on around us, so why then is it so hard to understand that the Kingdom of God is at work? It is such because we, the conception of God the Father, has chosen to trust in what we see, not what we cannot.This book is there to give insight on what is there for us all, not just preachers, to be honest with you, as a preacher, we will have a harder time getting into the Kingdom of God than anyone, why? because we speak to you for God and the Kingdom of God, that is why a book like this one is so valuable to have in your hands.



april 2017
Aantal pagina's
72 pagina's



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