Instructions In Physical Measurements

Instructions In Physical Measurements
Auteur: R.B. Abbott
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  • maart 2007
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INSTRUCTIONS IN PHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS MECHANICS, PROPERTIES OF MATTER, HEAT, MAGNETISM, ELECTRICITY, WAVE MOTION, SOUND AND LIGHT R. B. ABBOTT. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page The Accuracy of Physical Measurements .............. 1 Experiment 1. Measurement of Length and Study of the Vernier 3 2. Force and Accelerated Motion Using the Atwood Machine . . 6 3 Friction., ...... 9 4. Centripetal Force 12 5. Moment of Inertia and Radius of Gyration. ...... 15 6. Application of the Theorem of Moments in the Study of the Sensitivity of the Balance 18 7. Static Equilibrium ...... 22 8. Work, Mechanical Advantage and Efficiency ........ 24 9. Momentum and Energy . . . 26 10. Simple Harmonic Motion 30 11. Determination of Youngs Modulus of Elasticity by Hooke f s Law . . . 33 12. Archimedes 9 Principle ....... 35 13. Coefficient of Expansion of a Liquid 38 14. Heat of Fusion of Ice and Heat of Vaporization of Water 41 15. The Specific Heat of a Solid 44 16. Coefficient of Expansion of a Solid 47 17. Tiie Electroscope and Coulomb 1 s Law 49 18. The Magnetometer and Coulomb 1 s Ldw. 52 19. Mechanical Equivalent of Heat by an Electrical Method Joules Law 55 20. Ohm 1 3 Law. 57 21. Wheatstone Bridge and Resistances in Series and Parallel 59 22. The Sensitive Moving Coil Galvanometer 62 23. The Electrolytic Cell 65 24. The Potentiometer and the Thermocouple 68 25. Electromagnetic Induction 71 26. Velocity of Sound in Metals 74 27. Formation of Images by Light From Spherical Mirrors. . . 76 28. Change of Wave Front on Refraction 79 29. Principle of a Lens and its Constants. 83 30 Telescopes . 86 31. The Plane Diffraction Grating 89 THE ACCURACY OF PHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS Every experiment is subject to a certaindegree of accuracy which the student is expected to attain. Good results can always bp Qfrt a fed by f ol 1 ow I nq t h, e instructions on the exercise sheet. Rule A. In general, instruments should be read to the limits of their scales by estimating the last figure. For example, when the scale of an ammeter is graduated in amperes, it is usually possiole to estimate the tenths of a division. Al 1 observa tions and other data should tie recorded oefore any calculations are made i. e., do not record calcula tions for observations. By observations one means all quantities actually read on the instruments. Fractions should be reduced to the decimal form before recording. Oo not retain more figures in the reault than the precision of the data warrants. Students - should form the haoit at once of reject ing at each step of the work all figures which will have no influence on the reliability of the final result. Too much emphasis cannot be placed on the proper use of significant figures, for much time in computing is wasted oecause of the retention of more figures than the precision of the data will warrant. In most laooratory exercises not more than the first four signifi cant figures of any result will be correct, and often not more than three, because the apparatus cannot be made to give more accurate results. It is not considered good form to retain more than one doubtful figure so, in general, computed re sults should not contain more than five signifi cant figures, the extra figure being retained to protect the correctness of the fourth figure in the result. . A significant figure is any digit used to de note the amount of the quantity in the decimal place in which the digit stands.Consider the reading c 3.09 mf...



maart 2007
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176 pagina's
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R.B. Abbott
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