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  • september 2015
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“Wake up.” One simple text. One hour ago. Indigo sat behind the curtained doors of the photo booth, hesitating. Three sharp edges of the token pressed into the palm of her hand as she made a fist around it. The jarring sounds of the arcade were muted against the roar of waves crashing inside her head. Squeezing her eyes shut, she concentrated on recapturing the image, mentally grasping at the rippling edges of the blue door just beyond reach. She had to go. She must find out. What happens next catapults Indigo into an alternate world where she must seek out more clues that lead her to three different girls; each with a story to tell, each holding a key to her redemption – for Indigo believes that one careless moment ended her mother’s life. First, she encounters Coral, whose multi-hued skin puts her on trial for her life, then Amber, who is pulled beneath the ground and held captive by anthropomorphic vines, and finally Jade Rose, whose desperate love for a man becomes her death warrant. Indigo’s life quickly becomes intertwined with the lives of these unique individuals and others who dwell in this strange world. She meets a handsome archaeologist with whom she forms a deep bond, his gregarious father, and an ungainly dog called Bones. Indigo finds that she has need for these companions; her journey is fraught with dangers, romance, and life-changing events. Unraveling these mysteries reveals what is behind the blue door; the meaning of her life, her destiny, and who, or what, she really is. Inspired by Paolo Coelho’s “The Alchemist” and David Mitchell’s “Cloud Atlas”, Introverse is a book of three connected parables; a gift of experience, a binding thread that connects us to inherent universal truths and an insightful journey into realizing our gifts by listening to our hearts



september 2015
Aantal pagina's
304 pagina's



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