Is Graduate School Really for You? EBOOK Tooltip The Whos, Whats, Hows, and Whys of Pursuing a Master's or Ph.D.

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  • maart 2012
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Landing a job in today's academic job market is no easy feat. Is graduate school the answer? This informed and candid book provides anyone thinking about pursuing an advanced degree-and those who support them-with the inside scoop on what to expect in graduate school. Amanda I. Seligman helps potential students navigate graduate study-not just how to get in but how to succeed once you are there and what to expect when you leave. She weighs the pros and cons of attending graduate school against achieving a sustainable work-life balance and explains the application process, the culture of graduate school, and employment prospects for academics.This book guides readers through the ins and outs of graduate school, and no topic is off limits, including* qualifications and admission guidelines* financial aid and graduate stipends* meeting expectations and residency requirements* coursework, theses, and dissertations* degrees, jobs, and academic careers* tenure, research, and peer review* social life (will you still have one?)Written in a question-and-answer format, Is Graduate School Really for You? eliminates the guesswork. Whether you are considering applying to graduate school, already enrolled, or would simply like to know more about continuing your education, this is the book for you.


For an undergraduate curious about graduate school, this book is a perfect guide. Seligman's writing style is clear and concise, and the Q&A format of the book allows readers to search out the questions most compelling (or confusing) to them with succinct answers and explanations... This book is also necessary for anyone's parent, spouse, or friend who is asking: 'what is grad school and why is it taking you so long to get that PhD?' -- Courtney McDermott * NACADA Journal * My job, as I see it, is to provide that information, thorough and unvarnished. I'm always hunting for resources to help guide undergraduates, and I've lately found a good one: Amanda I. Seligman's recent book, Is Graduate School Really for You? -- Leonard Cassuto * Chronicle of Higher Education *

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The Whos, Whats, Hows, and Whys of Pursuing a Master's or Ph.D.
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