Isis Mysteries of Love & Life Volume I Channelled communications and teachings from the Angelic Light Being Isis, with Osiris and Thoth

Auteur: Bridget Hall
Taal: Engels
Isis Mysteries of Love & Life Volume I
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781461068068
  • januari 2011
  • 462 pagina's
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Connecting with us in our modern world, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess, Isis, provides us with practical guidelines for working through our difficulties and utilising the current wave of growing awareness to better our lives. By applying this information daily we can easily shift into a higher state of human reality, replete with many new-found psychic skills.In these Isis communications, Divine Mysteries and Universal Truths are revealed, and we learn to instantly manifest whatever we choose, to communicate telepathically, and to see and feel energy - just as we are supposed to be able to do. We can replace pain, ill-health, failure, crime, war, poverty and unhappiness with joy, peace, mutual co-operation, compassion, happiness and love. Consequently we flourish at every level and enjoy the all-encompassing abundance that we easily create in our lives, in harmony with the Earth.Key to this new heart-based reality is learning to live with balanced masculine-feminine energy, releasing what no longer serves us and having compassion for all of life, beginning with ourselves. As we make progress individually we impact upon the whole of humanity due to the positive knock-on effect of our own higher frequency resonance. Isis teaches us how the world becomes a better place as we grow personally from within. The purpose of this is to help us to flow with the pre- and post-2012 shifts, so that we can expereince the evolutionary changes of the shifted dimension experience: our new heart-based reality.Reading the Isis communications instantly creates a positive vibration within us, and making use of her teachings and healing methods allows us to more easily tolerate the difficult times of the present and of the next few years - so that we may pass through into the Golden Age on Earth.Before we can access the peaceful times that certainly lie ahead of us, both Earth and humanity have to release all the low frequency energy fields out of their physical bodies. This energy was created over a long period of time and the release mechanisms of Earth are both powerful and catastrophic. The Earth events, which intensified in the first quarter of 2011, indicate that we are living at a critical time on Earth. It is because we all have a natural creative potential that each one of us can make a difference by contributing our own love and healing into the collective consciousness. This enables each member of humanity to live the positive experiences we have created for ourselves, if they choose to do so. Therefore, our personal progress supports the Earth and other people. In this way we make this period a little less difficult for everybody, including ourselves. This summarises why the Angelic Light Beings are working with us at this time, in support of humanity.This Isis book is the first of her two books detailing the Isis Mysteries. They follow on from the first book in the Ancient Wisdom series, Book One: The Upliftment of Consciousness, which details the teachings and wisdom of Osiris. The Horus books will be published as Book Four and onwards.
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Channelled communications and teachings from the Angelic Light Being Isis, with Osiris and Thoth

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