Island's Unto Himself

Island's Unto Himself
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  • 9781466908802
  • januari 2012
  • 28 pagina's
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This book is based on an ancient time on a greater planet full of magic and myth. The bases for this story is to introduce to coming series "Warriors of Piathos"

First introduced are the four Oracle Sisters: to which the story will revolve around. "Black Oracle of night" she is the eldest and most powerful with her magic. "White Oracle of day" She is the second eldest and most motherly toward her other sisters; she too is a great force to reckon with. "Blue Oracle of the sea" She is the third sister and represents the people of the ocean: her magic is more defensive than offensive. "Green Oracle of the land" The youngest sister and most flirtatious; she has the power to fly and can fertilise the ground to create any form of plant she wishes, weather it is for offensive or protective means.

Centuries before their time, King Andreas a Higher Being "ANGEL" was forced to use all of his forces when his kingdom was invaded by The Nothing "MOST EVIL ENTINTY" when a war broke out and The Nothing twisted the people's morality "Elves, Merpeople ect" the king used his magic to lure The Nothing to his castle where he entombed him under the ground sealed by a magical time loop.

Returning to the time of the sisters: the king frets that The Nothing will escape and raise his dark army against the people of Piathos. Keeping Black in the dark about the situation he calls on the aid of the other sisters and calls a meeting with his council of elders. "The Nothing absorbs all matter and energy into his void and renders everything powerless; he also has the ability to warp the minds of others changing their morality into thinking that good is evil and evil is good"

So frightened by his return the king plans on resealing the tomb but is then betrayed by one of the elders and is forced into a gritty bloody battle. All fears come to light for the king when The Nothings forces attack his kingdom and destroy his people's faith in themselves: with many deaths and much destroyed, the king decides to plan a battle against the darkness and uses the Oracles "Except Black" to help him.

In being dismissed by this, Black decides to use her magic and investigate the details of the past and future... In a desperate act she and White cast a spell that whisks through space and travels to Earth, to create 10 warriors with special powers that will one day liberate them all from evil...

The next night and all is ready for a showdown: The Nothing escapes and battles White while the king absorbs the power needed to reseal the loop atop the tomb.

White is rendered powerless and exhausted after her battle and Andreas is forced to use the magic to save his people from evil and loses his chance at sealing The Nothing away. Blue and Green come to their aid but are also rendered useless... Until Black arrives and forces The Nothing off the planet with her dark shadow magic to which The Nothing has no power over.

After her heroic act she is tainted by its evil and asks her sisters and the king for exile to Earth where the beginning of the series will take place...



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28 pagina's
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Michael Scott
Trafford Publishing



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