Japan In China

Auteur: T. A. Bisson
Taal: Engels
Japan In China


Japan IN China By T. A. BISSON NEW YORK THE MACMILLAN COMPANY 1938 Copyright, 1938, BY THE M A C M I L L A N COMPANY. All rights reserved no part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who wishes to quote brief passages m connection with a review written for inclusion in magazine or newspaper. Set up and printed. Published May, 1938. FIRST PRINTING. I-RINTED IK THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. TO FAITH PREFACE THIS book is the outgrowth of travel and investiga tion in the Far East during 1937, made possible by a fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation. Its content and emphases were necessarily affected by the outbreak of Sino-Japanese hostilities during that period. In addition to presenting the more immediate background of the con flict, I have sought to deal briefly with what will probably constitute merely its first stages. I take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the many individuals, both in China and Japan, who have freely volunteered information, placed materials at my disposal, or otherwise assisted me in the preparation of the manuscript. To the Foreign Policy Association, which generously enabled me to devote a full year to this re search project, my thanks are due in special measure. My greatest obligation is to my wife. Without her un failing optimism and encouragement, the task would never have been completed. To her the book is dedicated. T. A. BISSON. Port Washington, L. L, April 12, 1938. CONTENTS PAGE PREFACE vii 3HAPTER I. THE OUTBREAK OF WAR i II. AGGRESSION IN NORTH CHINA 40 III. AUTONOMY FOR NORTH CHINA .... 78 IV. THE REVIVAL OF CHINESE NATIONALISM . . 110 V. CHINA ACHIEVESUNITY 154 VI. POLITICAL CRISIS IN JAPAN 192 VII. JAPANS DRIVE TOWARD FASCISM .... 236 VIII. THE DEFENSE OF SHANGHAI 275 IX. THE STRUGGLE IN THE NORTH 290 X. JAPANS HOME FRONT 317 XL THE TEST OF STRENGTH 335 XII, MANCHOUKUO A PROTOTYPE FOR CHINA . 366 INDEX 407 ILLUSTRATIONS MAP OF CHINA .......... Frontispiece PAGE THE PEIPING-TIENTSIN AREA, SHOWING LINE MARKED BY THE TANGKU TRUCE ......... 5 GENERALISSIMO CHIANG KAI-SHEK . . . . facing 20 CHINAS COMMUNIST LEADERS MAO TSE-TUNG, CHOU EN-LAI, Po Ku, CHU TEH ...... facing 172 THE SHANGHAI-NANKING REGION ....... 276 THE NORTH CHINA PROVINCES ........ 291 GENERAL CHU TEH, COMMANDER OF THE EIGHTH COMMUNIST ARMY, DONS A KUOMINTANG UNIFORM ........... facing 296 GENERAL SUGIYAMA, JAPANESE WAR MINISTER, AD DRESSES HOUSE OF PEERS BEFORE VOTE ON WAR APPROPRIATIONS IN SEPTEMBER 1937 f ing 318 IMPERIAL COUNCIL MEETS IN JANUARY 1938 TO DECIDE JAPANS POLICY ON WAR WITH CHINA . . facing 336 GATE AND WALL OF A PROTECTED VILLAGE IN MANCHOUKUO .......... facing 400
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