Jeanne D'Arc - Maid Of Orleans - Deliverer Of France

Jeanne D'Arc - Maid Of Orleans - Deliverer Of France
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  • maart 2007
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JEANNE DARC MAID OF ORLEANS DELIVERER OF FRANCE Being the Story of her Life, her Achievements, and her Death, as attested on Oath and Set forth in the Original Documents S0ITRD BY T. DOUGLAS MURRAY WITH ILLUSTRATIONS AND A MAP NEW YORK PHILLIPS CO. ipoa PRINTED IN ENGLAND. Tk s Edition is far Salt in ike United States of America only, and if not to be imported into Countries signatory to tht Seme Treaty. PREFACE THE following Document concerning the story of the life and death of Jeanne dArc, Maid of Orleans, is probably the only known instance in which a complete biographical record, of historical importance, has been elicited by evidence taken on oath. These depositions cover the childhood of the Maid the series of her military exploits as Commander-in-Chief of the armies of France her capture, imprisonment, and death at the stake in the market-place of Rouen. The official Latin text of the Trial and Rehabili tation of Jeanne dArc, rescued from oblivion among the archives of France, and published in the forties by Quicherat, has been faithfully, and now for the first time, rendered into English. This account, given by numerous contemporary witnesses, of an episode which profoundly affected the history of Europe and determined the destinies of England and France must appeal to the reader no less than to the student. INTRODUCTION By the order of Pope Calixtus in 1455, the Trial of Jeanne dArc at Rouen, which had taken place twenty-four years before, was reconsidered by a great court of lawyers and churchmen, and the condemnation of Jeanne was solemnly annulled and declared wicked and unjust. By this re-trial posterity has been allowed to see the whole life of the village maiden ofDomremy, as she was known first to her kinsfolk and her neigh bours, and afterwards to warriors, nobles and church men who followed her extraordinary career. The evidence so given is unique in its minute and faith worthy narration of a great and noble life as indeed that life is itself unique in all human history. After all that can be done by the rationalising process, the mystery remains of an untutored and unlettered girl of eighteen years old, not only imposing her will upon captains and courtiers, but showing a skill and judgment ttforthy, as General Dragomiroff says, of the greatest commanders, indeed of Napoleon himself. While we must give due weight and consideration to the age in which this marvel showed itself on the stage of history, an age of poiienfci and prophecies, of thaumaturgists and iiljrt yet when a Tkllowaace is made there remains this saiie, strong, solid girl leaving her humble home, and in viii INTRODUCTION two short months accomplishing more than Caesar or Alexander accomplished in so much time, and at an age when even Alexander had as yet achieved nothing. The story is best given by the witnesses, and only indications or, so to speak, sign-posts are needed to point out the way. Before the work of Jeanne can be even vaguely apprehended something must be known of how France stood at her coming. A century of mis fortune and sorrow, broken only by a parenthesis of comparative prosperity from 1380 to 1407, had left her an easy prey to the hereditary enemy. Torn asunder by factions which distracted Church and State alike, she was in no condition of health and courage to recover from the shock of the crushing disaster of Agincourt For although the English were unableat the moment to follow up the victory they had gained, and Henry V. returned to England the bearer of barren glory, still the breathing time was not put to good account by the French, whose domestic jars made com bined national action impossible. At Henrys second coming, regular resistance was hardly offered. His fleets and armies held the Channel and the poets and fortresses on both sides. The King of France was insane...



maart 2007
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464 pagina's
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t. Douglas Murray
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