Jehovah the First Godfather EBOOK Tooltip An Agnostic's View of the Bible, God and Religion

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  • februari 2001
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Through ignorance, misunderstanding, custom and tradition the Jewish and Christian religions have combined three distinct and individual entities into one being they call God. This is contrary to their holy scriptures. There are in fact three and individual entities in scripture who are know by this title. There is GOD, the universal creator, the Lord God the creator of man and then there is Jehovah, the God of the Jews. He is the one we are most concerned about. For he was the First Godfather.

In the book entitled Jehovah the First Godfather, an agnostics view of God, the Bible and Religion, the appropriate scriptures are use to separate and explain the differences between these three entities and to explain the part they play in the creation of the universe, the creation of man and the religion of one group of nomads called the Israelites.

For the lack of an understanding of the where, when, how, why and by whom the universe was created, we say that it is the handiwork of GOD. He, She or It designed, created and controls this creation through laws and forces we are just now beginning to understand. According to biblical scripture organic life, both animal and vegetable, were a part of that original design. Primitive organic life began before the stars and moon were put into motion. ( Gen. 1:11-13.) After the formation of the stars, moons and planets, more advance forms of organic life came into existence. The Bible identifies a few of those the more advanced forms of life. One of the species of life created as a part of that original design and may well have originated in the seas of another world was a race of beings, identified by Jehovah during his instruction of Moses, as the living creature. It was a form of life which evolved into an intelligent, creative thinking race of beings who became so advanced in their culture, civilization, science and technology that they began to travel the stars. In their travels they stepped down upon many planets. Some they tried to colonized. The earth was one of those planets. That colonization attempt failed.

In their one of their later visits a few thousand years ago they came to this planet to mine for minerals. It was during this time that mankind was created. We were naked slaves created to mine for the minerals they desired, to wait on and serve them at their leisure.

Our creation was not by some heavenly or divine power out of love and benevolence but out of commercial necessity. We were created by the medical and scientific process of cloning. The biblical description of the creation of Eve supports such an hypothesis. The description of her creation is much the same as the procedures being used by our doctors and scientists today to create duplicates and modified alternation of many different species of life, among them man himself.

The leader and the authority by which man came into being was the individual identified by Jehovah as the Lord God, and by Mellchizedek, king and high priest of Salem, as the Most High God. To be the most high god indicates that there must have been lessor beings also identified as gods. One of those lessor beings was Jehovah one of the subordinates of the Lord God. He is identified in scripture as YHWH, Yahweh, Ishi, Baali and Jehovah.

Jehovah assumed the title of a god when he convinced Abraham to follow him. He did not become a god until he lead the Hebrews into the Sinai wilderness.

Gods need worshipers, temples, priests sacrificial offerings, gifts and a land to call ones own. Jehovah had none of these things until he was able to have Moses lead the Hebrews into the Sinai wilderness. This was his first step in establishing his dynasty. Once he had the congregation under his control he had taken the first step towards his ambition, he had worshipers. Next he ordained the tribe of Levi as the priests who would wait on and serve him.

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An Agnostic's View of the Bible, God and Religion
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