Jesus, the Historical Husband, Father, and Messiah Understanding the Principles of Life Using the Logic of Love and Rule of Rationality

Taal: Engels
Jesus, the Historical Husband, Father, and Messiah
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781500114633
  • augustus 2014
  • 260 pagina's
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Jesus, the Historical Husband, Father, and Messiah asserts that the family is the school of love. It is about taking the human being to a higher level of understanding, encouraging people to self-direct their lives through the road of spiritual self-improvement. The author believes that God has a parental heart embracing everyone, and that although there are different levels of heaven it is in the highest realm where the unconditional paternal and maternal heart of the Creator comes to a full expression. It is the personal conviction of the author that the principles of life underlined in the book are the road map for the perfection of the human heart.The principle of liberty is one of the core principles forming the bulk of the book. It highlights the fact that each individual is entitled to have his/her personal opinion, having the inalienable right to self-direct his/her individual life in pursuing felicity and the betterness of one’s soul. This, through a set of beliefs which the person deems, takes him/her to personal enhancement and self-realization. Without judgment, the author hopes the book sheds lights to some of the choices available for spiritual growth. Living in a divisive world where people have different religious interpretations and views of life, this book suggests respecting the freedom and dignity of all. Regarding the conception of Jesus, Christianity can no longer present fairy tales to the world and expects the third millennium human being to go along with it. We have to re-examine the conception with a more mature mind, yet keeping a heart of appreciation towards Mary. The author invites the reader to reflect on the fact that we came to know only the Jesus who ministered within the frames of rejection. We never came to know Him operating in the context of acceptance. In fact, Jesus used methods of expression suited to that particular context (rejection). His creativity, intellectual capabilities and organizational skills never came to a full expression therefore Christianity knows a restricted part of Jesus’ nature and mission. We are all together in the effort to find common ground for the common good, moving jointly through the road of improvement. Cherishing Mother Teresa’s words: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other,” the author emphasizes the fact that we need to help each other and feel that we belong to one another.



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260 pagina's



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Understanding the Principles of Life Using the Logic of Love and Rule of Rationality
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