Jim's Path

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Jim's Path
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  • mei 2003
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Why does God allow people to suffer? Who hasn't asked that at some time in their life? The book that I am proposing is the testimony of my life. My name is Dr. James Fritz and I became a quadriplegic at the age of 19. I have been paralyzed from the shoulders down for 21 years. I have personally struggled with the questions about suffering that thousands of Christians ask everyday. Why has God allowed this to happen to me? Why doesn't he change things? What is he trying to accomplish in my life? The book is written from two different perspectives. The first perspective is mine as I deal with the accident the left me a quadriplegic, the struggles I faced daily living life in a wheelchair, and the victories that God gave as a result of submitting to His will. The second perspective is my mother's (Irma Jane Zager). She shares what is like to watch a loved-one suffer, the helpless feelings that accompany such a trial, and how God miraculously provides for each and every need through the long, dark hours of uncertaintyAfter the biographical section there is included a concise theology of suffering designed to answer the questions that people ask in the face of suffering from a conservative, biblical perspective. In this section such topics as God's purpose for suffering, what about healing, where is God's help, and more are discussed

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Auteur James D. Fritz
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 9x216x140 mm
Gewicht 207,00 gram
ISBN10 1579216153
ISBN13 9781579216153

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The Path
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The Path
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