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Auteur: Chris Tina
Taal: Engels
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Complete, Unabridged Guide to Jimi Hendrix. Get the information you need--fast! This comprehensive guide offers a thorough view of key knowledge and detailed insight. It's all you need.

Here's part of the content - you would like to know it all? Delve into this book today!..... : Hendrix was born Johnny Allen Hendrix on November 27, 1942 in Seattle, Washington, the first of five children born to Lucille Jeter (October 12, 1925, Seattle, Washington - February 2, 1958, Renton, Washington). , only three of them have been publicly stated to have been registered by James Allen Al Hendrix (June 10, 1919, Vancouver, British Columbia - April 17, 2002, Renton, Washington).

...In the 1967 film See My Music Talking (later released as Experience) which was made for TV to promote his recently released Axis: Bold as Love LP, he spoke about his first parachuting experience: . . . once you get out there everything is so quiet, all you hear is the breezes-s-s-s. . . . .

...Bill 'Hoss' Allen's memory of Hendrix's supposed participation in a session with Billy Cox in November 1962, in which he cut Hendrix's contribution due to his over-the-top playing, has now been called into question; a suggestion has been made that he may have confused this with a later 1965 session by Frank Howard and the Commanders in which Hendrix participated.

...Both versions offered a startling introduction to the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and the album was a blueprint for what had become possible on an electric guitar, basically recorded on four tracks, mixed into mono and only modified at this point by a fuzz pedal, reverb and a small bit of the experimental Octavia pedal on Purple Haze, produced by Roger Mayer in consultation with Hendrix.

There is absolutely nothing that isn't thoroughly covered in the book. It is straightforward, and does an excellent job of explaining all about Jimi Hendrix in key topics and material. There is no reason to invest in any other materials to learn about Jimi Hendrix. You'll understand it all.

Inside the Guide: Jimi Hendrix, Cream (band), Crash Landing (Jimi Hendrix album), Come On (Earl King song), Clarksville, Tennessee, Chip Monck, Chas Chandler, Castles Made of Sand (song), Canned Heat, Cafe Au Go Go, Burning of the Midnight Lamp, Burning Desire, Buddy Miles, Brook Street, Brian Jones, Brian Auger, Bootleg recording, Bold as Love (song), Body Count, Bob Dylan, Bo Hansson, Blues rock, Blues (Jimi Hendrix album), Blues, Blue plaque, Blue Wild Angel: Live at the Isle of Wight, Bleeding Heart (song), Bleeding Heart (album), Black Gold (Jimi Hendrix recordings), Billy Gibbons, Billy Cox, Barclay Records, Band of Gypsys 2, Band of Gypsys, BBC Sessions (The Jimi Hendrix Experience album), B.B. King, Axis: Bold as Love, Audio feedback, Atlanta International Pop Festival (1970), Arthur Lee (musician), Are You Experienced, Are You Experienced, Apollo Theater, Angel (Jimi Hendrix song), All Along the Watchtower, Albert King, Alan Douglas (record producer), Acid rock, 27 Club, 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn to Be), 1960s, 101st Airborne Division

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Chris Tina
Emereo Publishing

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