Job Interview Questions & Answers Your Guide to Winning in Job Interviews

Job Interview Questions & Answers
Auteur: Liz Cassidy
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  • 9781483911922
  • april 2013
  • 100 pagina's
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Liz Cassidy brings another down to earth and matter of fact book to us.

This time on Job Interview Question and Answers. This book is unashamedly a primer for Professionals on preparing for your Job Interviews.

Job Interview Question and Answers is succinct and cuts through the gloss of Recruiter speak to get to what the person on the other side of the desk needs to know about you to make that ''YES'' decision and to take a leap of faith on offering you the job. This book is short on fluff and filled to the brim with tips, advice and How To's covering; How to Answer Horrible Interview Questions with grace through to sample Interview Questions to Ask.Drawn from her experience training managers and recruiters in job interview skills and in coaching retrenched professionals through Career Transition, Liz Cassidy has a unique view of both sides of the Job Interview Questions and Answers fence.

She is equally as unforgiving with job interviewers ''smart curve ball'' questions as she is with sloppily prepared candidates who are not ready to answer behavioral interview questions. This book demands professionalism from both parties in the job interview but is primarily a guide to professional candidates on how to deal with the real world of untrained, unaware and underprepared recruiters and job interviewers. Packed with real Frequently Asked Interview Questions and with a focus on Behavioral Interviews Liz Cassidy's latest book will having you going into your job interview prepared and professional and coming out of your job interview glad that you read it!

What's Inside the Book?
  • The MAGIC of being prepared for your Job Interview
  • Get inside the head of your Job Interviewer - What are they really looking for?
  • Being ABSOLUTELY ready for any type of Interview Questions you might experience and what they mean
  • Managing your image to IMPRESS your Interviewer and put the best possible YOU forward
  • A simple 2 minute introduction to POSITION YOU as their ideal job candidate
  • POWERFUL answers for those difficult questions Interview Questions (that you know are coming)
  • Answering Behavioral Interview Questions EASILY to show that you are the best qualified for the job
  • The impact of your SOCIAL MEDIA BRAND on the Interview Questions you may be asked
  • How to respond to tricky CURVE BALL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS with ease
  • Valuable Interview Tips to gracefully handle A BAD INTERVIEWER (Yes, they are out there!)
  • Examples of Behavioral Questions with your BEST answers
  • Detailed explanations of EXACTLY what your interviewer is looking for when they ask each question
  • How to AVOID 12 INTERVIEW TRAPS and pitfalls
  • BEST INTERVIEW QUESTIONS TO ASK that show you are the top candidate they will ever get
  • How to do your own SMART DUE DILIGENCE to find make sure this company is RIGHT FOR YOU

And much more

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