Joseph Carriere, St Sulpice And The Church Of France In His Time

Auteur: T.J. O'Mahony
Taal: Engels
Joseph Carriere, St Sulpice And The Church Of France In His Time
Auteur: T.J. O'Mahony
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  • 9781408606773
  • oktober 2007
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PREFACE. - THE following memoir of the late distin- guished Superior of Sulpice, being as explained in the Introduction not so much a biography as a biographical study, made for the general purpose of exposing and explaining the present condition of the cle- rical body of France, it can be understood why narrative so often gives place to re- flections, and also why, even in the choice of matter for narration, points of general sig- nificance as illustrative of LAbbe Carrieres time, his position, and the body to which he belonged, are dwelt on in preference to details of a more exclusively personal cha- racter. The author is aware that the latter, pre- cisely for being more personal to LAbbe Carriere, would prove the more interesting for many of his readers, and, for the same reason, would appear the more relevant to the special subject of his work he feels bound, however, to give preference to the former, as being of more consequence for the general object which he has in view, while, at the same time, in carefully de- lineating M. Carrieres peculiarities of cha- racter, mind, and tastes, he has endea- voured to discharge to the utmost of his power the principal duty which a biogra- pher owes to his subject. drdmore Cottage, Carrigaline, Co. Cork. Feast of St. Isidore, B.D., 4th April, 1865. - CONTEXTS. - CTILlPTE13 I. Carrieres carly life.-The Spirit of St. Sullice . 25 CI1, IPTER 11. ITis College Course.-Illcitlents corncctetl with it.-Jluz- zarel1i.-Cardinal AIaury .. . . . ., Z 3 CIILIPTEK. 111. 11. Carrieres successfnl career as Professor and i1nthor.- Cclslre proioulicctl 1 the 1Ioly See on sollie pro1osit ions contaiied in his ritiiigs.-CorrectctZ etlitioil it1 coliseyilcnce . . .. . . .. 47 clIAIlrrmt I AI. Carrierc9s RIission to Ancrica.-Assists at the Cotulcil of Baltimore.-Electc1 Superior-Gciieral of his Society. . G 4 CTT, llTiI1 V. IT. Carriel-cs dikilv life, habit., tilt1 ocIIoIs, I SII, I.OI. of St. 3uljic.c trl of liis Soc.icbt- . . .. 7.5 Cl lllIl .l 1. St. S ullicc .. . . . S .. lnge. 124 JOSEPH CARRIERE, SUPERIOR OF ST. SULPICE. - INTRODUCTION. - WHAT name is now more familiar to stutlelzts of moral theology, in college or on the mission, than this-the long venerated name of the author of De Justiticc, De Contractibus, and De Matrimonio 3 Known and quoted wherever Ca- tholic theology has a school, he is the favourite author in most of our colleges for questions, connected with the great practical departments of sacred science on which he wrote he is constantly referred to in class-hall, or conference-room while his treatises are the received class-books in some of our colleges here and in America, as they are in nearly all the ecclesiastical seminaries of France. Naturally, therefore, to us all-professors, students, and priests on the mission-familiar as a household word has become the name of Czlrriere of St. Sulpice. -4s a peculiarity of these countries, it has been observed that when a celebrated personage especially one familiar to science or literature-has ter- minated his career, the public becomes most anxious to know all about him, and every detail connected with his history, or likely to illustrate his character, is eagerly sought after. Thereupon, of course, the magazines of public information-the papers, jour- nals, and reviews of the day-teem with biographical notices, and vie with one another in adding fresh details to the storyof the great departeds life, or fresh touches to the recogizized picture of his cha- racter. So that the public soon becomes as fami- liar with his personal history and peculiarities, as it had been before with his writings and his name...



oktober 2007
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T.J. O'Mahony
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