Julian - Philosopher And Emperor And The Last Struggle Of Paganism Against Christianity Philosopher and Emperor and the Last Struggle of Paganism Against Christianity

Julian - Philosopher And Emperor And The Last Struggle Of Paganism Against Christianity
Auteur: Alice Gardner
Uitgever: Read Books
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781406726411
  • maart 2007
  • 448 pagina's
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JULIAN PHILOSOPHER AND EMPEROR AND THE LAST STRUGGLE OF PAGANISM AGAINST CHRISTIANITY BY ALICE GARDNER LECTURER AND ASSOCIATE OF NEWNHAM COLLEGE, CAMBRIDGE AUTHOR OF SYNESIUS OF CYRENE n G. P. PUTNAMS SONS NEW YORK LONDON 87 WEST TWENTY-THIRD STREET 24 BEDFORD STREET, STRAND 1906 COPYRIGHT, 1895 BY G. P. PUTNAMS SONS Entered at Stationers Hall, London Cbe fmfcfterbocfcer pteei, Hew Uork TO THE RIGHT REVEREND M. CREIGHTON D. D., D. C. L., LL. D., ETC. LORD BISHOP OF PETERBOROUGH AND SOMETIME DIXIE PROFESSOR OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED WITH MANY GRATEFUL REMEMBRANCES BY THE AUTHOR PREFACE kHE responsibility of including Julian among the Heroes of the Na tions rests with the Editors of this Series. For myself I would only say that Julian has been a r most fascinating figure to me from early youth, and that his character has lost none of its attractiveness with the more serious study of later years, while his relations to his times have seemed to me to grow more and more instructive in many ways. Julian is not well known to the reading pub lic at the present day, though Mr. Kendalls able little book, written from a point of view somewhat different from mine, ought to have helped to set him in a clearer light. It is always a pleasant task to acknowledge ones obligations to those who have helped ones work by counsel, criticism, or direction. I must be allowed in the first place to express my thanks to my brothers, Professor Percy Gardner of Oxford, and Mr. Ernest Gardner of the British Archaeological School at Athens the former for much general advi9e, and for assistance in selecting the illustrations the latter for very useful criticismswhile the work was in manu vi Preface. script, and especially for help in rendering difficult passages in the Greek text. Dr. J. S. Reid, tutor of Gonville and Caius College, has directed my atten tion to many useful books, chiefly German, on por tions of the subject, and has taken trouble in helping to elucidate some of Julians laws preserved in the Theodosian Code. On this subject I have also re ceived suggestions and information from Mr. Monro, likewise of Caius College. Mrs. Archer-Hind, of Cambridge, has kindly read my proofs and made some very helpful criticisms. I have to thank the Arundel Society for kind permission to obtain photographs of the fictile ivories at South Kensing ton. Mr. Collinson, who has travelled much in Asia Minor, has most kindly given me photographs taken by himself in or near Tarsus, with interesting com ments. Messrs. Longmans have kindly allowed the reproduction of some curious Persian figures in The Seventh Monarchy of Canon Rawlinson. And the gentlemen in the Medal Room of the British Museum, especially Mr. George Hill, have been most kind in helping me to select my coins, and in pro curing me casts of them. I would here say a word as to my chief object in selecting my illustrations. Holding that their chief function was to illustrate the text rather than to adorn the book, I endeavoured to choose such as might make the story more vivid by enabling my readers to construct in imagination as much as pos sible of the environment in which Julian and his contemporaries lived, their personal appearance and dress, the most striking places where they dwelt, the Preface. vii scenes in which they habitually moved. I have not confined myself to contemporary art, which was dur ing my period in a state of weakness and decline. One art, however, seems to have suffered less, and to have had a more continuous existence than the rest that of carving in ivory. The ivory diptychs I have chosen, many of them from this period or a little later, give a clear notion of the dress and ap pearance of the men and women of the time. Some mythological subjects seemed a suitable addition, though belonging to an earlier period...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
448 pagina's
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Alice Gardner
Read Books



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