Knowing the Infinite Creator Telepathic Conversations with Jesus Christ

Knowing the Infinite Creator
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781483651941
  • juni 2013
  • 276 pagina's
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If you live as a purpose, objective driven person, a human being of persistence and substance, you will find this book very informative, a perspective of how to be successful in any of your positive endeavours, spiritual in objectivity, scientific in perspective and written with a real eye for service to other people. If your desires are only material in nature, this may not fit your profile as this book is a combination of success of spiritually and scientifically driven people, materially and spiritually with a major touch of helping other people as this is the real intention of the writer, learning and knowing how to serve others as service to others is service to the CREATOR. Abundance is a positive way of helping people and the Universe supplies everyone this wealth continuously, endlessly and without exhaustion!! Chapters I, II and III are devoted to our Maker, the Infinite Creator, Infinity, the Source Energy and names he is often called ALL THERE IS/ALL THAT IS. God gave us free will and no one, not even the Angels and the Higher Beings, RA, Christ or other Icons can violate this, otherwise they will come back to the Wisdom vibration and density of soul development. We have guardians, confederates and spiritual guides who are always there to guide us but they can never violate this rule, FREE WILL is given to us humans and all the entities of creation be they at the 4th or the seventh density of existence. Human beings have a penchant for discovery of things that have been discovered in the past. We always say we discovered, innovated or created when in fact as you read from artifacts of yore or the libraries of Nineveh discovered in Southern Iraq or Mesopotamia, almost everything we have today have been discovered or are in use during those times including lap tops, geodetic laser measuring devices, jet planes, helicopters, airplanes even tractors. Tractors are described as roaring machines that cultivates the soil in Africa. Take it from author Zechariah Sitchin and you will wonder. Thus the human being is a Creator itself created by the Maker to create beautiful things so Infinity can experience it thru us. We even duplicated and know and applied in our power systems the basic creation of God, Fusion. The olden civilizations, that in Egypt, and the Americas are filled with facts that detail achievements of the human race and teachings that are truth but today have been adulterated to appear as possible witchcraft when in fact are real descriptions of the Law of One taught by the golden people of Venus, that of RA social memory complex and the higher beings of nearby stars which can be seen at our dark night stars of Arcturus and Sirius. The Orion star are of the negative origin and their teachings are yes, negatives like that one we call Yahweh who masquerade teaching positive but in the real sense negative. Again these are the teachings of Thou Shalt Not as it gives to you the negatives. Why would you teach thou shalt not kill! You can simply say Though shall love thy neighbour as you love thyself! This is the positive way, never an inkling of bad that will definitely sink in our one year old brain, always a year old so says the adept. Our world has been a belligerent, troubled civilization as far as my memories can remember, World War I, II and the Cold War, from my childhood to the present. The nuclear bombs stored in various countries o



juni 2013
Aantal pagina's
276 pagina's
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