Auteur: Theresa Hissong
Taal: Engels
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781983898952
  • januari 2018
  • 232 pagina's
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KyeRise of the Pride Book 6Kye has loved her for years.Evie has never wanted anyone else.Kye knows that his life and heart belong to Evie. With their maturity on the horizon, both Kye and Evie promise to stay united regardless of the outcome from the magic that determines their future together. As the threats against his pride continue, Kye will make a decision that will affect everyone around him, but it is Evie who puts her plan into motion first. Evie’s demons haunt her regardless of how much she has grown. Kye vows to put her back together again when the truth is revealed about what really happened when she was kidnapped as a young female. This time, he’s determined to make her whole again. Even if that means throwing out everything he’s ever known about the rituals and expectations of his pride. With their maturity on the horizon, both Kye and Evie vow to stay united regardless of the outcome of the magic that determines their future together.When their maturity comes and goes without the spark that unites them as mates, Kye and Evie must make a decision to either live as an unmated pair or leave each other to find the one who is destined for them.Kye must grow into his maturity and accept guidance from his brother on becoming an alpha to his own pride one day. Evie continues to grow, relying on Kye to keep her grounded. When she has a major setback, Kye will do everything he can to bring her back into his arms. Even if that means ripping his heart out and laying it at her feet.With the death of his mother, and the continuing threats against his pride, Kye makes a decision that affects everyone around him.Evie has kept a secret, even lied to Kye about it, but for her to move forward, she must tell him everything. As their twentieth birthdays arrive, the two young panther’s will have to overcome pain and loss to become one. No one said it would be easy. As her training continues with the females, she will have to rely on her skills to prove her worth to the pride.



januari 2018
Aantal pagina's
232 pagina's



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