Laundromat Operations & Maintenance Manual From the Trenches

Laundromat Operations & Maintenance Manual
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Owning a coin operated Laundromat is a great business and can be very profitable. But, unless you have all new equipment, it can quickly nickel and dime you into making a loss and going out of business, losing your investment. I write this manual not as a business major or certified appliance person [and certainly not an English major]. I write it as an average ‘Joe’ who bought a laundromat and needs to run and maintain the business to make an honest profit. The skills needed to run and maintain a laundromat are not rocket science and don’t need expensive equipment: just common sense and logic. And for the macho guys out there, you will need to ask for help from time to time. I will assume you have no previous experience in repairing washers, dryers, change machines etc. I will get you started on a journey to taking charge of your equipment. You will get great satisfaction in making common repairs and keeping your equipment working and earning you money. The only experience I have is what I have learned from MY machines. I do not represent to provide repair procedures for all brands, ages and types of laundromat equipment, but I will teach you how I become familiar with my equipment, their personalities, their moods and limitations. I consider this a work in progress as every week I learn something new in my ‘mat’. I do not have any problem paying for repair parts. That is the cost of doing business. What I want to avoid is the $95 service call to trouble shoot a problem by my local appliance repair company, then the part cost being doubled as their mark up and a second $95 service call to install the newly inflated part. Even if you only make a one repair, you will save 10 times the cost of this book.



juli 2016
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86 pagina's



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