League of Legends Jungle Mastery A Master Player's Guide to Dominating as a Jungler in Season 7

League of Legends Jungle Mastery
Auteur: St Petr
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781540798947
  • Druk: 1
  • december 2016
  • 116 pagina's
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As a Master Tier player on both EUW and EUNE servers that cares deeply about the state of League of Legends, I had enough of the lack of high quality educational material about the game. So about a year ago, I used my experience as a real life teacher and high elo player and wrote what turned out to be the best selling ebook about improving at League of Legends on Amazon for Season 6 - 30 Days to Diamond. By the way - an improved, enriched and even more detailed version for Season 7 is out and it's called 21 Days to Diamond and Beyond.Ever since the book delivered on the results it promised, I've received dozens of requests from players asking me to write separate, very detailed books about the roles of ADC, Mid lane, Top lane and Jungle that would be adapted for Season 7. Due to the support I got from my dear readers, I felt motivated to roll up my sleeves and produce the best of my work as a results-oriented League of Legends coach.After countless hours of hard work, I am proud to announce that each of the books people wanted me to write is now available to anyone that is open to learning and is willing to get to that next level as a player in their favorite role.So why is League of Legends Jungle Mastery worth your time?If you are still paying attention, I am assuming you are an ambitious, competitive person with a winner's mindset that is interested in acquiring all the necessary game knowledge that will help you improve massively as a Jungle main. Here is a list of the contributions that this book will make towards your current level of game knowledge:- You will learn the differences between the bad, average and exceptionally good Junglers. In other words, all the areas which you need to target to improve massively.- You will learn the thought process of the high elo Jungler – the main component to being effective in this role.- You will learn the optimal Jungler Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells setup for Season 7.- You will learn who the top Junglers for Season 7 are and why.- You will learn all you need to know about the Season 7 Jungle objectives.- You will know the most optimal Jungle clear paths that provide you with the most advantages, and when to opt for each one.- You will learn how to counterjungle in Season 7 and completely stomp the enemy Jungler.- You will learn how to itemize optimally as a Jungler in Season 7. This includes instructions on what to buy as starting items, on your first back (depending on how much gold you have), and as the game progresses.- You will learn how to develop amazing map awareness.- You will learn how to make the right decisions as to which lanes you should gank and which ones you should ignore.- You will learn how to properly execute ganks and what to do after that.- You will also learn how to snowball a lane.- There also are a ton of general game knowledge golden nuggets thrown all throughout the book to help you in your journey further.I know this is a big list of things and to some of you it might seem intimidating, but I promise you that once you learn and apply the information in this book in your own gameplay, you will transform completely as a player.Are you excited? Best of luck on the Summoner’s Rift!



december 2016
Aantal pagina's
116 pagina's


St Petr
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



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