Learning the Fast Way

Auteur: Mark Robinson
Taal: Engels
Learning the Fast Way
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781539065166
  • oktober 2016
  • 66 pagina's
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From quick fixes like taking deep breaths to long-term solutions such as building a successful learning strategy, this book shall, in a witty and quirky manner, tell you how to learn fast and learn right. Packed with motivational quotes so that you can get your dose of inspiration, “Learning the Fast Way: A Guide to Effective Learning” is meant for the average Joes out there, who have to struggle with their education. This book aims to get you in harmony with the good habits that make an effective learning while getting you discordant with the habits that are unproductive, tedious, and sometimes downright destructive.Learn how to meditate and lose your worries, anxieties, and tensions so that you can study with a mind free of apprehension. Learn how to adjust your study sessions with quick breaks so that you do not get bored.Cannot focus? Try putting on some music to get the creative juices flowing. Cannot memorize equations and formulas? Try the SQ3R method for improved retentiveness. Are you lost as to why you are studying and what you are studying? This book shall give you a purpose. Are you having trouble with ADHD, OCD, or ADD? There is an easy fix for that too. This is not one of those “flashy”self-help books with generic advice crammed into it. The writer of this book had serious issues with learning. He would spend most of the time questioning himself why he was learning and what he was learning. He would argue with his own self about the practical implementations of profound calculus formulas and outdated programs of the Assembly Language.Until one eventful day, it all made sense to him. Is college education necessary? Is education, in general, necessary? Are you wasting your time learning mindlessly what is being taught in schools and colleges or are you actually making productive efforts to apply what you learn?For an answer to these questions, and several more, read this book. Moreover, if it benefits you, suggest this book to others too so that they may avail this word of eccentric advice. There are no good students and no bad students. If you think you are one of the bad ones, rethink your position by taking a leaf out of this book.
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oktober 2016
Aantal pagina's
66 pagina's



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