Letters And Recollections Of Alexander Agassiz - With A Sketch Of His Life And Work With a Sketch of His Life and Work

Letters And Recollections Of Alexander Agassiz - With A Sketch Of His Life And Work
Auteur: G. R. Agassiz
Uitgever: Read Books
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781406729382
  • maart 2007
  • 500 pagina's
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LETTEBS AKD EECOLLECTIO S OF ALEXANDER AGASSIZ WITH A SKETCH OF HIS LIFE AND WORK EDITED BY G. R. AGASSIZ WITH PORTRAITS AND OTHER ILLUSTRATIONS BOSTON AND NEW YORK HOUGHTON MIFFLIN COMPANY COPYRIGHT, 1913, BY GEORGE R. AGASSI2 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Published October IQI PREFACE who attempts to present a faithful impression of Alexander Agassizs life is confronted with unusual difficulties, for Ms versatile and restless energy covered a very extraordinarily wide field, and his personality was so large that we are hampered in our view of him by our own limitations. The morphologist considers his earlier work the most important the geologist, that his reputation rests chiefly on his extensive investigations of coral reefs the zoologist remembers his vast collec tions of marine life gathered in a dozen extended voy ages widely scattered over the surface of the globe and to still others he appears as the creator of a vast museum and one of the greatest benefactors of the oldest univer sity in America while those who delve among ancient civilizations and primitive races might well be surprised at the extent of his poaching in their preserves, a mere detour in his many wanderings in the pursuit of science or search of health. In the world of affairs he was known as an extremely capable and successful mining man, who was said to employ his leisure moments in some sort of scientific study When I first began to collect material for a life of my father, I hoped that it would be possible to tell it in his own words But grave objections to such a plan soon appeared one of the foremost being the mysteri ous disappearance of most of his later correspondence with his stepmother. It is, moreover, a muchmore dif vi PBEFACE ficult matter to make a characteristic collection of letters now than it was in past generations. Dautres temps, dautres moeitrs to-day we no longer keep trunks full of old letters stored in our attics, nor do we write the leisurely and carefully penned epistles of our fore fathers, while the roomy lofts that harbored them have vanished. After it became apparent that it would be necessary to cast this book in its present form, I would gladly have handed the material to a more experienced bio grapher. Since no suitable person was available, it has fallen to me to complete the work, for lack of a fitting Boswell I wish to take this opportunity of most cordially thanking the many individuals who have kindly allowed me to examine my fathers letters and have assisted in numerous other ways. I trust that they will consider their number a sufficient excuse for not mentioning them personally. Most especially do I wish to express my warm appre ciation for the help of the following persons first and foremost, Mr. Samuel Henshaw, the present Director of the so-called Agassiz Museum, who has given no end of invaluable assistance my wife, whose sym pathy and help have been no small factors in finishing this book my aunt, Mrs. BL L. Higginson, who has furnished much of the material for the earlier pages Miss Elizabeth H. Clark, my fathers secretary for nearly thirty years Sir John Murray Dr. A. G. Mayer Dr. H. B. Bigelow Professor H. L. Clark and the pre sent Mr. Q. A. Shaw. My warmest thanks are also due to Professor Bar rett Wendell, who has kindly read the manuscript, PREFACE vii and has suggested many final touches I likewise beg to acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. E. T.Brewster, who has been at the pains to examine the work at two different stages, and has offered much valuable criticism, G. E. A. CONTENTS I. DESCENT AND BOYHOOD ..... 1 II. FIRST YEARS IN AMERICA 14 III. THE MUSEUM BECOMES HIS HEADQUARTERS . . 28 IV. THE CALUMET AND HECLA MINE ... 53 V. THE REVISION OF THE ECHINI . . . .91 VI. LAKE TITICACA 124 VII. THE NEWPORT LABORATORY 151 VIII. THREE CRUISES OF THE BLAKE . . . 165 IX. MEXICO AND INDIA 191 X. MORE WANDERINGS AND WORK . . . 213 XL THE FIRST ALBATROSS EXPEDITION . ., 243 XII. CORAL BEEFS 269 XIII...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
500 pagina's
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G. R. Agassiz
Read Books



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