Light Burgers
Auteur: Mary Miller
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  • Paperback
  • 9781542497961
  • maart 2017
  • 118 pagina's
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When an inexplicable ball of light begins to shine in Dillard County, GA, it sends the townspeople scurrying for answers. What is it? Where did it come from? What does it want? When will it leave? Some ignore it, others dismiss it and some swear it is a UFO waiting to land.LIGHT BURGERS is a comedy with a pinch of poignancy and a dash of eeriness thrown into the it explores the mystery of what happens when five ordinary people experience something extraordinary.AWARDS & NOTICESWorld Premiere: Off-Off Broadway Carousel Theatre Company, New York, NY. Winner Best Actor & Best Supporting Actress, Georgia Theatre Conference. ''BEST BETS'' Gallery 209/Art Downtown, Brunswick, GA. Finalist New Play Competition, Denton, TX.ABOUT THE PLAYA mysterious light is not the only thing that has suddenly appeared in Dillard County, GA. Mason’s unexpected return from New York City after fifteen years has created a stir all its own particularly for everyone at Dunford’s Diner. L.E., the diner’s only waitress and Mason’s old high school girlfriend, has refused to look at him or the ‘light.’ George, the owner of the diner has decided to take Mason’s advice and has re-named and re-marketed the diner in honor of the coming of the ‘light.’ Frank, a tired and frustrated policeman, has come to the diner to take a much needed break from a busy day chasing ‘light’ sightings all over town. Merrillee, a high school beauty queen, is thrilled at George’s announcement that Tonight-Is-The-Night for the landing of the ‘light.’ She appears at the diner with her suitcase packed, anxiously awaiting its arrival and ready to go with it. Tonight Mason, L.E., George, Merrillee, and Frank will experience something none of them will ever forget. SETTING:A local diner in Dillard, Ga, a small town located a couple hours north of Atlanta, GA, during the summer of 1992.CHARACTERS:GEORGE: Owns Dunford’s Diner, a roadside diner that he inherited after his father died. George has always worked for his father but now that he owns the diner he has decided to test his wings under Mason’s tutelage. Mason and George went to high school together. George is a few years younger and he holds Mason in the highest esteem.L.E.: A waitress at Dunford’s diner, she went to high school with Mason and they were an item before they graduated and he left to go to New York. L.E. is the quiet, stable, reasonable person in the group. She has never left Dillard except for a brief stay in Tupelo after graduation. She refuses to get swept up in the furor of the ‘light’ and has never tried to look up to see if she could see it. Her real name is Lenora Elaine but the only person who calls her that is her mother. FRANK: A Dillard County policeman, Frank was best friends with George’s father. Frank has been a fixture in the community and the diner forever. Married to Geraldine they have no children of their own so he looks on those in the diner like a surrogate father. Dillard County was a quiet peaceful little town until the ‘light’ started shining and they put him in charge. Frank has come to the diner tonight to take a much needed break. MASON: A hometown success story, he moved to New York City shortly after graduating from high school and made a name for himself in advertising. Mason has just recently returned to Dillard to the surprise of everyone especially L.E. Much like the prodigal son in the Bible, Mason has come back to see if he can fit in again.MERRILLEE: The prettiest girl in high school, Merrillee was then and still is the envy of all the girls in town. As pretty as she is, there is a naive innocence about Merrillee that is childlike and sincere. She truly does look for the best in everyone and there isn’t a mean bone in her body. She grew up in a wealthy family and married well. She has never had to work or want for anything in her life. But today she has packed her suitcase and declared that she is going with the ‘light.’



maart 2017
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118 pagina's



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