Look at Me..Its in My Face..

Taal: Engels
Look at Me..Its in My Face..
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781497377691
  • maart 2014
  • 52 pagina's
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The questions posed by this book are simple, down to earth and uses the verbal approach that can be understood by all readers: What does love look like? Is the faith and trust in God's Word physical and real? Do children who are given the respect accorded to a growing human being enter adulthood with spiritual control over self and behavior towards all other humans? Where does the spiritual awareness in life begin and how do you know that you have it? Answers to these questions and all other human questions are found in God's Word; even those we aren't wise enough to ask. What are we and the earth made of; where does water,and gold, and air come from? The book of Genesis begins to answer all of man's need for understanding and truth. This book uses its poems, essays and short stories to bring the readers' focus of self into the common daily life of how the Word of God surrounds us and has already provided for every moment of life on earth. The example offer at page 8 of this book draws attention to the human person of self, by posing the daily question to self, ''Who am I?''. Daily, the answer includes the whole body of self as self looks to the Word of God.This book offers some thrilling, yet quite, tender and revealing moments of personal interactive spiritual time with the empowered authority of God's Word and thy self. Look again at the picture of the front cover; Do you see the love? Do you see the grace? Do you see the flow of life as embodied in the life of a child? Look at the picture of the author at the inside of the back cover. Now; read the poem on page 1..''I give to you God's Love. And His Amazing Grace. Look At Me..Its In My Face!'' The author's hope is to help the reader prepare for a major change of direction, and of focus and the use of the power of choice within on entering today and the year of 2015. Being spiritually successful here on earth; We enter into the promise of God for man to live forever.I pray with you as you join me in prayer, Amen.



maart 2014
Aantal pagina's
52 pagina's



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