Love Is What Matters Most Meditations on the Heart's Truth

Auteur: Thomas H Beyer
Taal: Engels
Love Is What Matters Most
Auteur: Thomas H Beyer
Uitgever: Outskirts Press
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781432790318
  • mei 2012
  • 186 pagina's
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The subject of love captivates us for all kinds of reasons, in all kinds of ways; and many words have been used throughout human history to talk about it. It's clear to me, that we're most interested in love because we know, deep down, that love is what gives our lives the greatest meaning and happiness. We are most fulfilled, most at peace, when we live as love; being attentive and caring toward our loved ones and those we cherish-our family, and friends, and anyone else we choose. Love leads us, as well, to those situations, activities, and creative pursuits that move us, lift us up, and give us a real sense of being connected to someone or something. Love simply nurtures and nourishes us like nothing else can. One could even say that love is what we're always seeking, and what life is really all about. And isn't a truly satisfying life one filled with heart-warmth and joy, passion and generosity, kindness and compassion? And it's true, that we humans have the capacity (and for some people, even the propensity) to value other things more than love. What we end up with then, are lives far less fulfilling than they could be. And, likewise, our world is far less peaceful than it could be when love is not held in the highest regard; and isn't this painfully evident as we look around our world these days. Ultimately, love is valued the highest because it touches us most deeply, and aligns us with who we are at our innermost and from where love flows. Love reflects what's in our heart of hearts, and our connection with the very Source of all creation and the life-giving energy that sustains us. Love gives us the primary way of experiencing and duplicating this deepest-reaching bond, and the greatest of all intimacies, and our purest joy and peace . . . . And don't we naturally revere those people who love the most, give the most of themselves, and help us all do the same? This book, then, is a result of decades of reflection, and listening to and learning from many people. I am profoundly indebted to all those who've helped guide and inspire me. So, as I have been influenced by a wide variety of people, my words aim to return this favor in kind, and speak to the most common ear, in this world where discord and divisiveness and people struggling are ever so apparent. Love Is What Matters Most is an open-at-any-page-at-any-time book, and a rallying cry to bring more and more love into our world. Each of the written pieces taken individually, and the work as a whole, is meant to draw the reader into the very essence of love and the very essence of who we are. And, it's clear to me, that discovering the true nature of love-and putting the highest premium on it-is to find our own true nature, our true home, and where life's greatest meaning, happiness, peace, and salvation abide. This basic message is stated, repeated, and elaborated upon in various ways throughout the book. And repetition is good, in helping us understand anything more clearly and deeply . . . . There is value, then, in slowly reading and re-reading what's presented here, and letting it sink in, in any instant and over time-all for the sake of realizing our deepest love, and bringing this to any and all aspects of our lives.



mei 2012
Aantal pagina's
186 pagina's


Thomas H Beyer
Outskirts Press



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