Magic Into Science - The Story Of Paracelsus The Story of Paracelsus

Magic Into Science - The Story Of Paracelsus
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  • maart 2007
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JL 2, f 2, C C 1 S U S at the age of 47 Woodcut by August Hirschvogel Copyright 1951 by Henry Schivman, Inc. Manufactured in the United States by The Haddon Craftsmen Inc. Scranton, Pa. Contents PREFACE Xlll I. The Errant Knight of Science PARACELSUS AND FAUSTUS The Paracelsus Legend Luther of Medicine The Light of Nature The Legend of Dr. FaustusThe Conquest of Hell i 2 The Mountain ORIGINS AND BACKGROUND 1492-1507 The Hermitage The Young Alchemist 17 Town and Gown CONTROVERSIES OF THE SIXTEENTH CENTURY 1 507-1 5 1 1 Plato and the Quest for Certainty Humanism 25 Hippocrates vs. Galen A RENAISSANCE DOCTORS STUDY OF MEDICINE 1512-1514 The Four Humors The Skipped Anatomy Course The New Aristotle Revolution at Ferrara Hippoc rates vi Contents 5 . Quack Doctor PRINCE OF THE MEDICAL MONARCHY 1515 Folk Medicine The Dirt Pharmacy The Arcana The Missing Diploma Intellec tual Vagabonds The Arch-Magus 47 6. The Necromancer ON NYMPHS, GNOMES, GIANTS, DWARFS INCUBI AND SUCCUB E, STARS AND SIGNS Fortune The Stars Demons Magic and Science 63 7. Microcosmos and Macro cosmos FUNDAMENTALS OF MAGIC MEDICINE 1516 The Magus of Sponheim A Lesson in Al chemy Like to Like Young Adept 79 8. The Traveling Adept ADVENTURE 1517-1524 W an and Medicine 9 1 Under the Brogue PARACELSUS SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY 1525 The Second Coming The Partisan Christian So cialism Against Sectarianism 99 Contents vii I CX Aureolus OF GOLD-MAKING AND OTHER MYSTERIES 1525-1526 Pioneer of Chemistry The Gold-Maker The Miracle of Transmutation The Quintessence in 1 1. The Elixir of Long Life INTRODUCING CHEMOTHERAPY 1526 The Fountain of Youth The Arch-Wisdom 121 This Side of the Miraculous INTRODUCING BIOCHEMISTRY 1526-1527 The Five DiseasesEnvironment and Heredity Life Power The Body Mightily Consti tuted Predestination 131 13. Call to Office DOCTORS AND POLITICS 1526 Prince of the Humanists A Political Appointment 143 I. The Challenge PARACELSUS AT THE HEIGHT OF HIS CAREER 1527-1528 Actor, Glutton, Teacher, and Scholar Avicenna at the Stake The Friends 151 viii Contents 1 5 . Cacophrastus THE TURNING OF THE TIDE 1528 The Shade of Galen A Man of Many Quarrels Mis fortuneThe Flight 161 1 6. Poisons, Bankers, and Pests A BOOK ON SYPHILIS 1528-1529 Contest at Nuremberg The French Disease Disease and Business A Plea - for Free Research From Paracelsus to Ehrlich 173 17 Doctors and People AGAINST THE GRAIN 1529-1530 The Magus The Genius Mad or Lonely 187 1 8. Doctors and Money ANOTHER BOOK ON MEDICAL ETHICS Trade Se crets Of the People, - for the People, by the People Patriotism 195 The Matter of Life THE FIRST STEPS QF PHYSIOLOGY Scientist, Humanist, and Magus The Three Substances Gout Pioneer of Gynecology Mumia, the Thing Natural Forces of Nature 205 Contents Ix 2. O. The Copernican Turn INDIVIDUAL AND COSMOS 1530-153 Biology vs. Astrology Mysticism De-mystified 219 2.1. Power, Freaks, and Frailties of Mind A COMPASSIONATE SCIENCE 1531-1532 The Descriptive Method The Powers of Mind Exeunt the Demons Pioneer of Psychiatry Personality Structure 227 2,2.. Immortality and the Seven Souls MAGIC, NEITHER WHITE NOR BLACK The In dividual Becoming Conscious of Himself Free Will Immortality Death 239 2.3. In the Pit THE DAMNATION OF DR. FATJSTUS 1532-1533 Reenter Beezlebub The Preacher The Sal vation of Dr. Faustus The Catholic Refor mation 249 Contents Professor of Theology, UNKNOWN ASPECTS OF THE RENAISSANCE AGE 1534 ApocalypsisThe Silent Ones The Mystic Eternal Life 261 2.5. Success at Last PARACELSUS SECOND PEAK 1534-1537 The Reform of Surgery Master Adept Cabbala 273 l6...



maart 2007
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388 pagina's
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Henry M. Pachter
Sumner Press



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