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  • 9781393853848
  • februari 2020
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Three inspirational stories of women who risked everything for love and traveled thousands of miles to the western frontier.

Part 1: The Indian's 'Blind' Bride's & The Fostered Indian Baby

A mail-order-bride wagon is heading to Salt Lake City, but one bride aboard the horse drawn wagon is not looking for love...

Jane Morgan is beautiful and young, but has a condition that makes it hard to make lasting connections with people. Face Blindness.

She can't recognize ANYONE: not family, not friends, and not even herself when she looks in the mirror…

Part 2**:** The Indian's Unwanted Bride & Her Baby

Naomi has finally done it. Breaking off ties with her past, she packs up her things, her baby, and heads to Salt Lake City with hopes of finding a decent man who will be kind to her.

However, who she ends up with will send this mother on an all too familiar emotional upheaval. An Indian chief.

**Part 3:**The Feisty & Young Indian Bride

Kai is the daughter of the Indian chief and knows her role is to marry well, yet after watching her brothers become happily married to two mail-order brides, Kai wishes more than anything to have a love of her own- True Love.

3 parts of heartwarming mail order brides tales of love, romance, and triumph over adversity in one book.

Love on the western frontier was a rare treasure. Follow these inspirational women who risked everything to travel to the untamed West in the hopes of finding love and starting a new family.

If you're a fan of clean western romance, you will love this book.



februari 2020
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Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Faye Sonja
​Faye Sonja

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