Manny Jones and the Place Book One of the Manny Jones Series

Manny Jones and the Place
  • Engels
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  • 9781463553937
  • juli 2011
  • 262 pagina's
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In 'Manny Jones and the Place', a supernatural mystery/thriller, enter the world of hapless Manny Jones who is a blues musician making his living playing the blues in a large Southeastern U.S. city. Every chance he gets, he escapes the city and drives to his Place in the country mountains to relax. One time, while up at the Place for an extended time, strange events begin occurring. Food, cigarettes, whiskey etc., start appearing, then he meets a beautiful, mysterious, blonde woman, suddenly acquires a dog, and has a conversation with a supposedly dead man at his supposedly burned down cabin in the woods. The supposed dead man turns out to be Abel from the Garden of Eden, and has a mission for Manny and the girl, concerning the physical end of this earth age, also known by the Mayan calendar as precession. The millennium nears, then moves along past the year 2000. Cain is also still alive, and fights the mission at every turn, including murder, kidnapping, etc. Eventually, Abel gives Dolly,(the girl), a Philosopher's stone , and they use the money obtained thusly to go on their mission. Along with them is a second girl (Stacy), who becomes part of the band they form to spread their message, called 'Famous Last Words' while they all live together at the Place. With the endless gold from the Philosopher's stone, they buy their way to the top of the music business, and begin to attempt their mission. There are a few steamy sex scenes in the story, but always following the plot. The two girls disappear at the worldwide concert they perform, and Manny fruitlessly searches for them. Eventually, he gives up the search, and goes back to playing the blues, waiting for the love of his life to return. The Place is capitalized through the story, because that is where most things seem to take place, or at least start from. The story also contains plenty of action and gunplay. Throughout the story, supernatural events continually occur, which Abel (1st known as Zeke), explains to Manny as real super science. This all leads into the second book in the series. See website for excerpts and music, plus live videos of original music from the MANNY JONES SUPERNATURAL MYSTERY SERIES. Web address is:



juli 2011
Aantal pagina's
262 pagina's
Thema Subject Code
Onderwerp: Misdaad en mysteriefictie



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Book One of the Manny Jones Series

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