Margaret Of Angouleme - Queen Of Navarre Queen of Navarre

Margaret Of Angouleme - Queen Of Navarre
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MARGARET OF ANGQULEME, QUEEN OF NAVARRE. BY A. MARY F. ROBINSON. BOSTON ROBERTS BROTHERS. 1887. Copyright, 1886, BY ROBERTS BROTHERS. UNIVERSITY PRESS JOHN WILSON AND SON, CAMBRIDGE PREFACE. THE sixteenth century, that age of great wo men, shows few more truly eminent than the sister of Francis I. Margaret of Angouldme, of Valois, and of France, Queen of Navarre, Duchess of Alengon and Berry, was a person of importance in many different ways. In political influence she was, perhaps, excelled by Margaret of Austria, Catherine dei Medici, and Elizabeth of England and Elizabeth, if not more devoted, was at least more successful as a reformer of Religion. But the Queen of Navarre possessed many qualities foreign to these famous names. Of all the women of her age, Vittoria Colonna alone was her rival in literary attainments and in the rarer and more illustrious authority of personal grace and charm, she was unequalled save by Mary Queen of Scots, or the magical Diana of Poictiers. 6 PREFACE. The student of character may find another interest In the sweet, dense, simple spirit of Margaret, a comparatively trifling and unreal nature by the side of the vehement and auda cious personages of her time, but which, none the less, directed them, influenced them, and checked their headlong course, in the same manner as the youthful character of Raphael maintained an unceasing authority over the wilder spirits of his school. It is in her influence that we must seek the prestige of the Queen of Navarre, and not in her faded literary laurels, or in a personality rather interesting than great. It was she who inspired the College of France it was she who protected and guaranteed the Renaissance in Francefrom the ignorant rage of the Sor bonne. She was, in Melanchthon s phrase, the Divinity of the great religious movement of her time, and the upholder of the mere natural rights of humanity in an age that only re spected opinions. It is thus, as an organic part of the history of hefr time, as an influence, as an inspiring spirit, that I have tried to depict her, and not as a sequestered individual. The task is intri cate and large, and the space given me to fill PREFACE. 7 is very narrow. But, so far as it goes, this little sketch may perhaps be of some service in indicating the movements of the earlier French Renaissance. I have tried to make it, as far as possible, correct. I have, in most in stances, sought my facts in the many published volumes of original documents rather than in any subsequent history and where I have given an unusual date, it is, I hope, most often be cause recent research has disproved the earlier reading. Recent research, ever so commendably critical and untiring in France, has happily disproved many last-century scandals, and one revived not many years ago. M. Lutteroth, in a Review called quot Le Semeur, quot and M. le Comte de la Ferri re, in his introduction to the quot Account-Book of the Queen of Navarre, quot have, with others, satisfactorily proved that a certain com promising letter, which tradition gave to the year 1521, must be dated as 1525, the year of Margaret s hurried flight from Spain in which circumstances, as will be seen, the construc tion to be placed upon it involves no shade of censure. No doubt some confusion with the gay and brilliant Reine Margot, queen of many lovers, 8 PREFACE. has been the origin of the unfounded scandals which hauntthe memory of the earlier Margaret for the younger princess was also Margaret of Valois and of France, also the wife of a Henry, King of Navarre. Moreover, Brantdme wrote of our Heroine, quot En fait de galanterie, elle en s avoit plus que de son pain quotidien. quot But we must remember that in Brantdme s eyes the sense of intrigue and of amours was by no means the only sense of galanterie, which signified indeed as properly it still should do rather gentility, courteous and magnanimous behavior, chivalry, and pleasing address...



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