Master the Art of Genius Your Practical Guide to Unleashing the Genius Within You & Unlocks the Secrets to Increasing Your Brain Power, Speed Reading, Efficiency, and Advanced Memory

Master the Art of Genius
Auteur: Aiden Mccoy
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  • Paperback
  • 9781515072898
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  • juli 2015
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How to Become a GeniusIn this book, you will learn not only what makes a genius a genius, but how you can become a genius as well. A huge and yet common misconception is that geniuses are born, not made. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Anyone is fully capable of becoming a genius, but only if they unlock their fullest creative mindset and adopt the right mental habits. How is this possible? That’s what this book is here to show you.With the creative mindset and mental skills in this book, you will learn more than just how to come up with a new, imaginative idea. You will learn how to repeatedly shatter commonly perceived views with new insight and understanding The insight and knowledge that you will learn in this book are fully capable of being adopted by anyone, but unfortunately in the repeated ignorant societies throughout the course of human history, they have only been adopted by few. While the great geniuses of history may have been ridiculed at their time, the knowledge that they gained and shared with the world became taken for granted by later generations. This book will teach you how you can find new knowledge on your own that will in turn be taken for granted by future societies and generations.7 Reasons to Buy This Book1. You’ll learn what officially makes a genius a genius 2. You will learn how you can start thinking like a genius 3. You will fully understand the awesome power of creative thinking 4. You will learn daily exercises that will allow you to unlock that creativity 5. While there have been geniuses in all different subjects (math, industry, science, philosophy, etc) each and every one of them shared a specific set of traits. You will learn what those traits are and how you can apply them in your own life. 6. You will learn not only why you need to become a genius, but how you have the capabilities to do so as well. 7. You will be given tips on how to awaken the genius in youHere Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
  • why the traditional definition of a true genius is wrong
  • what traits all geniuses, past and present and across multiple subjects, shared in common
  • tips on how to examine the world around you so you can become a geniusli>
  • how to develop the mentality of a genius
  • the power of creative thinking
  • why you should never ask yourself why you failed, but what you have accomplished
  • how to question your knowledge and answers to gain new ones
  • why geniuses are not born, but are made…and how you can become one of them
  • feeding your mind with daily creative insights
  • looking at the world in opposites, dissimilarities, and metaphors
  • why creativity is essential to becoming a genius
  • how to awaken the genius in you
  • Much, much more!
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