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Auteur: Jon Hoffman
Taal: Engels
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Auteur: Jon Hoffman
Uitgever: Packt Publishing
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781786460479
  • Druk: 1
  • januari 2017
  • Adobe ePub
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Learn to build fast and robust applications on the Linux platform with Swift
About This Book

  • Create robust applications by building a strong foundation in the Swift Language

  • Utilize Swift 3 on the embedded Linux platform for IoT and Robotic projects

  • Build more flexible and high-performing applications on desktop, server, and embedded Linux platforms

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Linux developers who are interested in quickly learning how to use Swift to create exciting applications on Linux platforms.
What You Will Learn

  • Install Swift on the Linux platform

  • Explore the power of the Swift language

  • Get to know the proper design techniques

  • Understand Swift's new Core Library

  • Implement popular design patterns with Swift

  • Integrate C libraries with Swift

  • Using Swift on Single-Board Computers

  • Learn how to add concurrency to your application with Grand Central Dispatch

  • Learn how to work with Swift Generics

  • Learn how to use the Protocol-Oriented design paradigm

In Detail

Swift is a modern, fast, and safe programming language created by Apple. Writing Swift is interactive and fun, the syntax is concise yet expressive, and the code runs lightning-fast. Swift's move to open source has been embraced with open arms and has seen increased adoption in the Linux platform.

Our book will introduce you to the Swift language, further delving into all the key concepts you need to create applications for desktop, server, and embedded Linux platforms. We will teach you the best practices to design an application with Swift 3 via design patterns and Protocol-Oriented Programming.

Further on, you will learn how to catch and respond to errors within your application. When you have gained a strong knowledge of using Swift in Linux, we'll show you how to build IoT and robotic projects using Swift on single board computers. By the end of the book, you will have a solid understanding of the Swift Language with Linux and will be able to create your own applications with ease.
Style and approach

This easy-to-follow, code-rich guide is filled with examples that demonstrate how to put the concepts into practice. You'll also get design patterns and best practices to get you writing better applications on the Linux platform.

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januari 2017
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Jon Hoffman
Packt Publishing

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