Men's Dating Maintenance & Repair Manual The Information You Need to Perform Maintenance and Repairs on Your Relationship, Regardless of Your Make or Model!

Men's Dating Maintenance & Repair Manual
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  • december 2015
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I have used my experience, combined with my never ending sense of humor and positive outlook on life to create this repair manual for men frustrated that their dating experiences are turning out to be harder than expected. Many of us have had some very frustrating, funny or even downright silly dating experiences, especially the online ones! This book is dedicated to all those great guys out there who have helped make my life much more interesting and challenging! This book is for men that are dating, regardless of their gender preference. Are you a man and like to fix things? Great! A problem solver! Do you love the challenge of getting that lawnmower working again? Or better yet- hearing the roar of that car engine coming back to life after several hours of sweat and labor? Ah, yes- challenges! The staff of life! You guys are great at this! You can pick up your auto repair manual, read page 12- and there is the answer! Just a small part is needed. You order it, install it and VROOM!!!! You can almost taste the cold drink you will deserve after all of your hard work. Another challenge met! Just pick up the manual, find the right page, follow steps 1-6 and you're good to go!
You may ask yourself-why can't dating be like that? Just pick up a manual, go to the relevant page and fix whatever is wrong? Well, it can be! Just because that old one didn't work, doesn't mean you're a failure. The steps are just a little different for repairing a relationship than for fixing a car. You just need to find the right manual for your particular make and model and to look in the right place for the answers. Inside this manual and inside yourself. Yes! You're an awesome guy with lots of potential. You just need to figure out how to make it work for you.
Just like when your car has problems, you can either take it to a shop (in this case, a therapist-and we all know how that goes over), or try to diagnose the problem yourself. Or both! If you decide to go the Do-It-Yourself route, you can have all the theories you'd like to on what you think will fix things, but if you don't have the experience or knowledge in order to know which "parts' of yourself need fixing, nothing will work. For example, are you used to managing things but for some reason your stellar management skills aren't working with her? You're a big shot at a company or manage a sales team? Well, a relationship isn't a company and your partner or potential partner is not the crew. It's a team and you are one-half of that team. There's that "other' person that needs to be taken into consideration. The lawnmower or the car's engine might sort of sputter and die if you try the wrong thing, but I have yet to hear of one going off in a huff and slamming the door on its way out. Yikes! There are ways to avoid this as long as you know that hey, you're not perfect and you played a part at creating the broken motor in the relationship. You just need the skill and the willingness to meet the challenges of relationships that are needing maintenance or downright repair. So, if you just pay attention, get over yourself and know what your goal is and you want to meet the challenges, then you can attain that goal. Try to view problems, issues and tears as faulty spark plugs that need replacing or leaking oil. But in this case, you are ONE with the spark plug or the tools that it takes your expertise to know how to fix.
Please read ahead and hopefully you can find your own personal "make and model.' You know who you are, guys! Have fun finding the steps to repair your personal style, but be prepared to be honest with yourself and if you figure out that you are one of these, then pay attention! This in no way discounts any maintenance that must or could be performed on your significant other, but that's not your job, it's hers.



december 2015
Aantal pagina's
40 pagina's


Becky Parquet
Becky Parquet



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