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METHOD AND RESULTS ESSAYS BY THOMAS H. HUXLEY - I898 - PREFACE - THE fourth of the Collected Essays in the volume now published gives an account of the indispensable conclitions of scientific assent, as they are defined by the author of the famous Discours de la, hf thocle. The other eight set forth the results which, in my judgment, are attained by the application of the Method of Descartes to the investigation of problems of widely various kinds in the right solution of which we are all deeply interested. Hence I have given the volume the title of Xethod and Results. Written, for the most part, in the scant leisure of pressing occupations, or in the intervals of ill-health, these essays are free neither from superfluities in the way of repetition, nor from - deficiencies which, I doubt not, will be even more conspicuous to other eyes than they are to my own. But so far as their substance goes, I find nothing to alter in them, -though the oldest bears the date of 1866. Whether that is evidence of the soundness of my opinions, or of my having made no progress in wisdom for the last quarter of a century, must be left to the courteous reader to decide. viii CONTENTS PAGE OS TlIE HTP0TIII SIS 1 II. LL . SI L. ILS AliE AUl. O3IATA, ASD ITS IIISTUI T IS J . . . . . . . . . . . . 130 TIT1 lir TUI AL RIGHTS ASD P JLITICAL RIGIITY l8901 . . . . 336 AUTOBIOGRAPHY AND wheii I consider, in one view, the many things. . . . . . which I have upon my hands, I feel the burlesque of being employed in this manner at my time of life. But, in another view, and taking in all circumstances, these things, as trifling m they may qyear, no lcss than things of greater importance, seem to be put upon me to do. . .. . .-Bishop Btctlcr to thc Btdchess of Somerset. THE many things to which the Duchesss correspondent here refers are the repails and improvements of the episcopal seat at Auckland. I doubt if the great apologist, greater in nothing than in the simple dignity, of his character, would have considered the writing an account of himself as a thing which could be put upon him to do whatever circumstances might be taken in. But the good bishop lived in an age when a man might write books and yet be permitted to keep his private existence to himself in the pre-Boswellian epoch, when the germ of the photographer lay in the womb of the distant future, and the interviewer who pervades our age was an unforeseen, indeed unimaginable, birth. of time. At present, the most convinced believer in the aphorism cc Bene qui latuit, bene vixit, is not always able to act up to it. An importunate person informs him that his portrait is about to be published and will be accompanied by a biography which the importunate person proposes to write. The sufferer knows what that means either he undertakes to revise the biography or he does not. In the former case, he makes himself responsible in the latter, he allows the publication of a mass of more or less fulsome inaccuracies for which he will be held responsible by those who are familiar with the prevalent art of self-advertisement. On the whole, it may be better to get over the burlesque of being employed in this manncr and do the thing himself. I t was by reflections of this kind that, some years ago, I was led to write and permit the publication of the. subjoined sketch. I was born about eight oclock in the morning on the 4th of Illay, 1825, at Ealing, whichwas, at that time, as quiet a little country village as could be found within half-a-dozen miles of Hyde Park Corner. Now it is a suburb of London with, I believe, 30,000 inhabitants. My father. was one of the masters in a large semi-public school which at one time had a high reputation...



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