Modern Quilt Perspectives 12 Quilt Patterns for Meaningful Creations

Auteur: Thomas Knauer
Taal: Engels
Modern Quilt Perspectives
Auteur: Thomas Knauer
Uitgever: F&W Publications
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781440235450
  • maart 2014
  • 128 pagina's
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Make quilts with meaning!

In Modern Quilt Perspectives, you'll do more than learn the how-tos of making twelve engaging, usable quilts--you'll explore the idea of why you quilt and the meaning behind your personal art. Popular quilt and fabric designer Thomas Knauer leads the conversation, sharing the whys behind these twelve quilts. You'll see that inspiration can come from truly anywhere: your thoughts on the current issues, your bond with an online community, your relationship to traditional quilting, a sweet comment made by a child.

Whether incorporating everyday items, such as barcodes and cinderblocks into the design, or using symbolic colors and prints to convey your message, infusing your quilts with meaning is easier than you think.

Join the conversation and start making personal, practical quilts with meaning.

"Thomas's take on the past, present and future of quilting will challenge your assumptions about the role of this 'traditional' craft in society. The projects in this book are inspiring and prove that quilting today is a vital and modern reflection of our times." --Denyse Schmidt


Victoria Findlay Wolfe: Thanks once again for inspiring me Thomas Knauer!!! Lisa Sipes, That Crazy Quilty Girl It is an amazing book for so many reasons, and each of the quilts tells a profoundly important story. I highly recommend purchasing the book. Audrie Bidwell, Blue is Bleu I received an advanced copy of Modern Quilt Perspectives weeks ago, and it hasn't left my desk. It's been at the top of my pile of paperwork because I keep flicking through it in utter awe. Bill Volkening, Wonky World I could not put the book down. It's one I plan to keep, much more than just a book about making quilts. I have a feeling people will be talking about it for a long, long time. Kelly Biscopink (author of Modern Designs for Classic Quilts): This is a book you will want to read cover to cover, over and over again. I think you'll be touched by the meanings behind these quilts like I was. I know I haven't looked at quilt making in quite the same way since. Katy Jones (ImAGingerMonkey): As quilters we love to look at pictures, but I want you to go buy this book and read about the quilts too, because I know you'll enjoy it. The Quilt Show I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It was not at all what I was expecting. I especially enjoyed that you chose to share not only beautiful pieces, but that often the message behind the quilt was more powerful than the quilt itself. Rachel May, Quilting with a Modern Slant I've been snuggling under a quilt with a cup of tea, rereading it again today. The pictures are beautiful, the paper feels good in my hands, and the ideas and quilts are fabulous. Lynne Goldsworthy, Fat Quarterly This book is unlike any other quilting book I've come across in that Thomas looks to create quilts which are more than just quilts but have a meaning and a significance behind them. Erin Sampson, Pellon Consumer Products Each quilt featured comes with a story, a background, an inspiration. The quilts are made to make us think and to appreciate. They are meant to inspire and to enhance our lives.



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128 pagina's


Thomas Knauer
F&W Publications



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12 Quilt Patterns for Meaningful Creations
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