More Than Conquerors Because He Who Is in Me Is Greater Than He Who Is in This World

More Than Conquerors
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  • oktober 2016
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Sometimes in the life of every living person, there are periods when all things seem to be going against plans; when the world seems to be all against him or her: there are equally times when everything seems to be falling in place— working out as planned.Therefore, in the life of every person, ‘providence’ has made it that there is time for everything. This is in consonance with the words of the Author of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon. Hence, there are times to be happy, and then sad;times to be sober and times for merriment (et cetera) — and the good Lord has made it so.Consequently in times like this, people thank or commune with God in praises or prayers: asking Him for help (or forgiveness of some perceived sins).In times like this, we see the poetry (or beauty/glory) of God—whether we feel we are suffering or enjoying: afterall in all situation He commands that we must thank Him. And so whatever is the experience, one needs to share same with fellow human-beings either as testimony to God or request to the benevolent Creator.Earlier Christians documented their perception of God in the Psalter (which is the body of Psalms we read today). Psalms edify the spirit, strengthen or encourages the suffering or downcast, and keep people growing in religious (or precisely, Christian) faith.Today, there are other sources of edification in the Christendom (including the Catholic Hymns, the CMS Hymns and such other Hymns that form some centre-point of praise songs inter alia). Additionally, we have religious (or Christian) Music or songs: all for the purpose of praising God or telling Him our problems.In summary, whatever is the issue, we must let God know. And that is the purpose of this book. Every person has to praise God, worship Him with his or her substance. Poets must worship God in poetry to express God’s poetry (beauty) — and that is the meaning of this book. Hence, I present to you this anthology of inspirational religious poems all of which have their central focus in Jesus or God. The poems are products of my experiences in this ‘agonical’ plain called life. Let me say that the poems are quite simple to comprehend.Surely, History is replete with great people who turned their scars into radiating stars.So, why do we have to cry foul especially at things we have done our “humanly” best to “control”. Surely, if you cannot “control” any situation, I suggest you “manage” it— so that you can turn your frustration into celebration.My situation really ridiculed human efforts, made mess of every logic, and mesmerized every enterprise into sheer vacuity, defying all known applications.But today, I can see the light of glorious times shinning on my paths, as I count my blessings, unable to name them one by one; and getting surprised over what the Lord has done. When the enemy wanted me to be either dead or remain eternally wretched, God chose to make me a man to be celebrated. I am, therefore, an eloquent testimony of the saving grace and goodness of the Almighty God. I, consequently, implore you to always take refuge in the Creator of mankind at all times. There is nothing difficult for Him to do for us. I have written this book as my contribution to the total emancipation of the human race from things that hold down spirits and minds from moving ahead.Surely, having passed through the thick and thin of this life, I really know where the shoe pinches. Hence, I recommend this text (which is the trajectory of a tragicomic odyssey and my tehilim cum TeDeum) as a necessary tool for daily lifting up your spirit from doldrums.And you will find how wonderfully changed you will be to face your duty each time. And may I end this preface by recalling a popular quote made in 1933, by the celebrated Franklin E. Roosevelt: “What we need to fear is fear itself”. To me what he meant was that one should avoid fearing, because that is surely, the genesis of failure.



oktober 2016
Aantal pagina's
82 pagina's



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