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Auteur: Georges Simenon
Taal: Engels
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Georges Simenon

"Georges Simenon is geboren in Luik, op 12 februari 1903. Zijn leven verliep tumultueus. Zijn huwelijken liepen stuk op frequent bordeelbezoek, in Amerika leefde hij in een bizarre ménage ? quatre en een van zijn dochters pleegde zelfmoord. Zijn hele leven werd hij door seksuele en criminele obsessies gekweld; hij kon ze alleen bezweren door te schrijven met de duivel op zijn hielen - soms wrochtte hij een boek in een week. Zijn bekendste literaire creatie is zonder twijfel commissaris Maigret, de zwaarlijvige pijprokende Franse speurder die een miljoenenpubliek zou vinden. Het boek Maigret in Holland opende een reeks van 82 misdaadromans waarin Maigret de hoofdrol speelde. Naast zijn wereldwijd bekende policiers, schreef hij ook nog 117 psychologische romans, zijn zogenoemde romans durs, waarin hij zijn ongemene talenten voor karaktertekening, melancholie en psychische ontleedkunde kon etaleren. Simenon overleed in Zwitserland op 4 september 1989. Op vind je alle boeken van Georges Simenon, waaronder het nieuwste boek van Georges Simenon.

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Georges Simenon's chilling portrayal of tragic love, persecution and betrayal.

'One sensed in him neither flesh nor bone, nothing but soft, flaccid matter, so much so that his movements were hard to make out. Very red lips stood out from his orb-like face, as did the thin moustache that he curled with an iron and looked as if it had been drawn on with India ink; on his cheekbones were the symmetrical pink dots of a doll's cheeks.'

People find Mr Hire strange, disconcerting. The tenants he shares his building with try to avoid him. He is a peeping Tom, a visitor of prostitutes, a dealer in unsavoury literature. He is also the prime suspect for a brutal murder that he did not commit. Yet Mr Hire's innocence will not stand in the way of those looking for a scapegoat as tragedy unfolds in this quietly devastating and deeply unnerving novel.

'The romans durs are extraordinary: tough, bleak, offhandedly violent, suffused with guilt and bitterness, redolent of place . . . utterly unsentimental, frightening in the pitilessness of their gaze, yet wonderfully entertaining' John Banville

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  • The voyeur and the milkmaid

    Geschreven bij Mr Hire's Engagement

    Early on in this somewhat disappointing 1933 ‘roman dur’ there is talk of a murdered and robbed prostitute in a Paris suburb. It becomes slowly clear that Mr. Hire, who is the focus of the book, is the prime subject. Does he know? He is a lonely man whose daily routines rarely change. He runs a mild form of postal fraud and entertains passive, rather infantile dreams about love. He lives in a single room apartment in a poorly-constructed tenement managed by a female concierge. His window faces the bedroom of luscious Alice who undresses with the lights on. Whilst the first 5 chapters concentrate on his inability to communicate with The Others, the next chapters give Mr. Hire more background, depth perhaps. It transpires during a rare face to face with Alice that he knows who killed the prostitute and where the evidence is hidden…
    Throughout the novel he is under surveillance, which he shakes off more than once. This is classic Simenon behavior: where you and I would wait out the storm or inform the police, not Mr. Hire. He panics and gradually inflicts tragedy on himself. But questions remain: why should a quaint appearance or background (he is short and fattish, half Jewish /half Armenian) inspire instant hostility in strangers or deep suspicion, hatred and worse from neighbors? Lots of symbolism re weather and colors (grey squares vs. pink and red) and with plenty of clues and red herrings. Strong on expressing loneliness via the sounds in the building.
    Written in fifth gear in 15 days max., perhaps this one in five, because GS could produce 60-70 pp. per day at the time, this reader cannot fathom what he had in mind with this weird tale, what his message could possibly be. Unless the novel’s moral is never to trust a milkmaid or girls named Alice.

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november 2014
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160 pagina's
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Georges Simenon Simenon Georges
Simenon Georges

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