Music Without Sound

Auteur: Ela'
Taal: Engels
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781987755664
  • april 2018
  • 500 pagina's
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Author notes:First book for Book of Igala.This book does not contain a chapter heading, such like, Chapter One; Chapter Two, etc.Instead, the story unfolds in a numeric calendar date format with current time, daylight or nighttime hours, a set of current weather conditions, and the property location with character activity.I enjoy learning parts and pieces of an unread novel before diving into the content.430,000 years ago, in a cave within present-day country of Spain, a fossilized skull had been uncovered and exhibited physical evidence from a blunt force blew at the forehead on a human creating the world’s first homicide murder. In the field of criminal law, a victim of a crime is an individual who has been harmed by another individual, not a society with numerous people. Sometime, the criminal of the crime gets away with the murder, which seems unfair to the victim, but that is how legal justice system words.This shared information is a part of living as a lawful or unlawful citizen of the world which makes for a set of intriguing police work, an intruding pubic announcement and sometimes, a fascinating fictitious novel.I have created a rating system for each one of my novels for the curious reader.Rated G for good stuff.Rated PG for pretty good stuff.Rated M for mild stuff.Rated R for really great stuff.Rated V for vile stuff.Rated C for cute stuff.The novel is Rated R for really great acts of violence including spilled blood and torn guts, numerous weapons of death, witty humor, nasty female catfights, ugly male dogfights, and lots of deaths, but no ghosts.The major character role involves a set of seventeen-year-old high school teenagers and their immediately family clan members.Each seventeen-year-old is attending the local high school building and studying to pass the last academic test for a permanent working job with the society.The major scientific breakthrough, the earthly resources are almost depleted on the surface of the planet. Each person wears a redesigned set of used clothing or eats from a reconstructed set of broken dishes and lives inside a reengineered house without newness.Each licensed driver flies a hover car a few feet above the broken pavement in the air traveling to work, to school, to shop and then returning back home, parking on the ground.An upstairs garage has not been invented in this story.Inside each house, a ceiling to floor black tinted glass screen allows each individual to learn each school education lesson or enjoy an entertainment show.This place is a future spot on Planet Earth that provides a flying hover car, a com-d communication devise, and a regulated world of law and order for each man, woman, teen, child, infant, and family pet.Thanks for entering into my imagination!ElaTeen drama…A society is perfect. A citizen is not.Society City Four has rules for everyone, including the infants, the teens, the adults, and the family pets.When a lawful citizen of Society claims any minor or major crime against another lawful citizen, the two parties go to Zulu Time.Zulu Time is the time and place for justice, without a judge, a jury, and an executioner of fairness, sometimes, with an unhappy ending for all.Within Society City Four, seventeen-year-old Igala Smith is a student at Hall, a place to test for a re-generator job to make a living for coin at the age of eighteen years old.She just received a car for her birthday, rolling her friends around the Hall grounds and then the car runs into the rear bumper of another vehicle.Igala does not sweat off her vanilla smelling perfume.Cute teen-hunk male classmate Ucal comes to the rescue and pays the coin for the car damage on the other vehicle for Igala.And then everything is fine.This novel is a wickedly cool concept of crime and punishment for both the criminal and the victim, all at the same time, and all in the same place, which is called Zulu Time.



april 2018
Aantal pagina's
500 pagina's



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