Music & Worship
Auteur: Walford Davies
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  • maart 2007
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MUSIC WORSHIP by WALFORD DAVIES and HARVRY GRACE 1935 THE H. W. GRAY COMPANY 159, EAST 48TH STREET NEW YORK PRINTED IN GREAT BftlTAIM AUTHORS PREFACE IN 1932 we were jointly deputed by the Cathedral Organists Association to write a pamphlet on church music, for use in Theological Colleges, We had proceeded only a little way, however, before seeing that the pamphlet must become a book, and that what we had to say on the subject could perhaps be usefully addressed not only to ordinands, but to all who are in any way responsible for and interested in church music. At that time there came to one of us an urgent request from our publisher for a book for general readers on the whole subject of Music as the Voice of Worship, This, we felt, called us to widen our basis and quicken our efforts to meet a far more general need, A very considerable army of musicians chiefly voluntary is occupied in the provision of music for purposes of public worship. The efficiency of this army Is naturally a matter of concern to all who care for the health and reality of corporate worship. The possibility of increase, improvement, and develop ment of that army seems to us to be incalculably great That its present short-comings arc obvious is no matter for regret, for its possibilities are hardly less vi AUTHORS PREFACE apparent. Owing to the boon of wireless transmission, a mete chant sung perfectly by some humble choir in a remote part of the country may now be heard by millions. Any little platoon of a choir may thus in a few minutes set a standard of diction and choral ensemble to which every choir in the whole army must try to reach or lose its self-respect. Church music is like no other music in that afailure to co-ordinate the team into an ensemble as simple and perfect as possible is not only a musical short coming but also a defeat of the very spirit of worship which the music sets out to serve. The ideals of music in worship are therefore considered here as the most exacting yet most homely concern of all. But the practical applications that are suggested and dis cussed in this book are particularly addressed to those enthusiasts who somehow feel that, after centuries of splendid achievement and humiliating lapses, church music has arrived at a stage where the call seems to be for a reconsideration of first principles. Our en deavour has been to answer this call, rather than to produce one more addition to the large number of admirable and practical textbooks that already exist. Collaboration has been as real and complete as we could make it, Mpst of the chapters were written on a fifty-fifty plan, and the work of each of us has been very freely overhauled by the other. We offer to our co-workers in church music the AUTHORSPREFACE Vll outcome of a long combined experience in no dogmatic spirit. The fact that those experiences have been gained in such widely different spheres of work as village, slum and cathedral churches has made us realize how widely the needs of choirs and congrega tions must vary in regard to material and methods, But behind all this variety must be the energizing force of unity in aim and principle, and it is mainly upon the latter that we have tried to concentrate in the spirit of earnest inquiry. W, D. H. G. 1954. BIBLIOGRAPHY h music is now so large tl is out oi trie Question. W e have therefore conninsvj. w. iov. Aw-s3 . v vrw. that ate practical andinexpensive, and of which we have personal knowledge. The saving of space enables us to add a few particulars concerning the books. THE literature of church that a comprehensive list of the question. We confined ourselves to works CHOIR TRAINING Choirs in Little Churches. The Rev. Stuart Morgan. Faith Press. Paper, u-. cloth, 2s. Written during the authors incumbency of a Sussex village, where the methods described in the book were used with success. The Organisation and Training of Parish Choirs. Francis T. Kennard. Musical Opinion Office. 2s...



maart 2007
Aantal pagina's
256 pagina's
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Walford Davies
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